UPDATE 12/1, 5:10a: Jim Styer, President of Sarasota Right to Life in Florida, alerted me that Florida has no 24 hour waiting period. A bill for that failed in the legislature this past March. So the other side was wrong on that point as well.

11/30, 10:58a: One never knows which posts are going to get more attention than others. (I’m usually wrong when I guess, actually.)

So I was surprised my blog on Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast’s Black Friday specials got quite a bit of traction, from Fox to the Christian Post to Human Events.

All the attention forced a response from the other side.

Writers at both Jezebel and RH Reality Check disputed whether Planned Parenthood’s Black Friday $10 discount could be applied to abortions, although why should they care? If one supports unfettered abortion access, what does it matter whether a clinic dispenses coupons to make an abortion that much easier to get?

Nevertheless, here was their rationale, quoting Jezebel:

The newest outrage? Activist Jill Stanek believes she caught Florida Planned Parenthood offering discount abortions as a part of “Black Friday” celebrations. It makes a great headline – get it? Black? Like the hearts of those who support a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare? Because the email offer broadcasted $10 off a clinic visit, she took that to assume it was a financial abortion incentive.

There are a few problems with this conclusion, the biggest of which is that Florida has a 24-hour waiting period, which would make a coupon sent out near a Thanksgiving holiday worthless.

But the $10 off applied to a “visit that day,” so it didn’t matter whether one had to wait 24 hours for that day’s appointment.

Silly pro-aborts can’t even read coupons right.

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