Men are turning their backs on “the snip” as a form of contraception, according to the latest figures. The number of vasectomies has dropped by more than half in ten years, while abortions among older women have risen, say experts.

They claim men could be concerned about having a permanent form of contraception when the breakdown of relationships is common and they may want to start a second family….

Experts at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service say the decline may be a factor behind a 10 percent rise in abortions among women in their 30s and early 40s….

The link is also seen in France, where relatively few vasectomies – legal only since 1999 – are done but abortions for older women are more common.

England has historically had a high vasectomy rate, with around 16 percent of the male population under 70 having undergone the procedure, and a lower abortion rate among older women.

NHS cutbacks may have contributed to the fall, with some areas rationing “non-essential” operations.

~ Jenny Hope, Daily Mail, November 12

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