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  • In the New York Post, Scott Gottlieb has a column on how Obamacare, while granting free contraceptives to women, actually takes away real life-saving screenings and care for women.
  • Michael New debunks arguments often made during election season – specifically, that more generous welfare programs will reduce abortion rates and that pro-lifers have not benefited from electing Republicans.
  • At ProWomanProLife, Andrea Mrozek links to Jennifer Fulwiler’s article on why she lost faith in the pro-choice movement.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic notes how movies like Gattaca and Cloud Atlas, on the issues of eugenics and human cloning, are becoming a reality.
  • At Pro-Life Action League, Joe Scheidler writes about the continued intimidation of praying pro-lifers outside a Chicago abortion clinic – this time, by police who say they “don’t like to keep coming” there.
  • ProLife NZ has thoughts on why the controversy over abortion will “always be with us.”
  • At Pro-Life Wisconsin, Kristin Van Spankeren writes about what it’s like to be a “pro-life people pleaser in a pro-choice community.”
  • Secular Pro-Life posts a lengthy synopsis of a debate from the 2012 Texas Freethought Convention between two atheists – one pro-life and one pro-choice.

  • Wesley J. Smith discusses a European Court of Human Rights ruling which “appears to require Poland to squash the conscience rights of doctors who do not wish to be complicit in a legal abortion.”
  • At New Feminism, Marjorie Campbell writes an open letter to NOW president Terry O’Neill, encouraging her (and other feminists) to not only stand up for obvious instances of misogyny and violence against women, but against the ones to which the NOW typically turns a blind eye:

    It is vital that those of us fighting and struggling for the dignity of our gender dialogue on the scope of degradation of the female – including females aborted due to sex selection, females used and degraded in pornography and prostitution, females reduced to indentured pregnancies, and females killed as “incidents” by drones and military strategies.

If we do not insist that the condition of being female is never a justification for destruction and exploitation, that – in fact – the condition of being female is as worthy and equal to that of the male – then we will fall short of creating a world where the female can live with the same respect and dignity of the male.




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