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  • Wesley J. Smith discusses the reasons why he believes assisted suicide proponents lost their bid to legalize the practice in Massachusetts.
  • Michael New says that despite an anti-life win in the Presidential race, other life issues ballot initiatives fared well on Election Day.

    At First Things, New also argues that the greatest successes of pro-lifers over the past 20 years have been outside the political realm, as evidenced by the declining abortion rate.

  • ProLife NZ has an excellent and lengthy response to a viral blog post about one woman’s (as usual) illogical journey from pro-life to pro-choice, pointing out that apologetics are crucial in the pro-life fight.
  • At Pro-Life Action League, Joe Scheidler says pro-lifers need to “shake off the nightmare” of the election and get back to our mission: saving children’s lives and helping women.

  • Secular Pro-Life explains how pro-lifers should respond to the “70% of pro-lifers are men, and 100% will never be pregnant” myth, and other ad hominem attacks:

    Itís also important to keep in mind that Roe v. Wade was decided on by nine men. If men must stay out of the abortion issue, we must keep them out of the issue on both sides. So we would have to overturn Roe v. Wade. But thatís not all. If your contention is that men must stay out because they have never been pregnant so they canít understand what itís like, would you say that women who have never been pregnant should stay out, too? ďWell,Ē you might say, ďwomen can at least get pregnant. Men should stay out because they can never get pregnant.Ē Then would you also say that women who are incapable of becoming pregnant should also stay out of the abortion issue?

    Should white people who have never owned slaves, never had the means to own slaves, or were never slaves themselves, have stayed out of the slavery issue? Were non-Jews wrong for opposing the Holocaust? Abortion is a human rights issue, just like slavery and the Holocaust were.

    Standing against injustice is right for everyone, not simply someone of a particular gender, race, religion, and so on.

  • Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is doing her part to educate Europe on the horrors of gendercide by co-presenting the film, It’s a Girl, to both the British and European Parliaments.
  • ProWomanProLife posts an article excerpt by George Jonas, who reportedly “does not associate himself with the pro-life movement.” The whole article is worth a read:

    In our times feminists contend that social equality is a compelling reason [for abortion]. They interpret it as women having no burdens imposed on them that arenít also imposed on men. Since nature imposes pregnancy only on women, in order to even the scales, women should be entitled to an absolute license to terminate their pregnancies on demand.

    This is the essence of the feminist argument, though itís seldom put so bluntly…. They canít quite bring themselves to grant women a licence to kill, like 007. This is why the debate is filled with pious rhetoric about women controlling their own bodies, or lives aborted not being ďlife.Ē

  • At the Priests for Life blog, Fr. Frank Pavone shares words of post-election encouragement:


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