News reports are noting only one item of interest from President Obama’s campaign stop in Cincinnati yesterday, one of the “precious few” stops he has left before tomorrow, Election Day.

And that is a pro-life heckler who “totally hijacked” the rally, followed by another one. As a result, “Barack Obama was totally thrown off his game.”

No justice, no peace. Let that reminder of the gravity of this election stick in the minds of voters going to the polls tomorrow.

From The Blaze:

The chaos unfolded when a man began shouting from the rafters moments after the president commenced his speech… [A]s he shouted, the man held up a sign that featured graphic anti-abortion images.

Continued Yahoo News:

[B]ut the crowd of 13,500 drowned him out with a chant of “Four more years!” The incident forced the president to stop his speech and the man continued shouting until five police offers hauled him out of the arena. When Obama began speaking again, another man on the other side of the arena tried to shout him down again, but was quickly escorted out.

“These might have been some Tennessee Titans fans who were mad about the Bears beating them really badly today,” Obama joked, before resuming his speech.

Seems to me Obama had to have known what the protest was about and chose to totally ignore it.

Here’s the video:


More from Yahoo:

While he played the piano, [Stevie] Wonder went on to discuss abortion policy before continuing his set.

“Men are making an issue about the woman’s body,” Wonder said. “The reality is, I know – and all us men in here know – that if women were taking control of our bodies making decisions, we wouldn’t like that. Is this too real or can you handle it?”

With that, he and his band perform “A Time to Love.”

Ah, the voice of reason and love. Let we men get women pregnant and then abdicate responsibility for the created child to let her murder it. That’s indeed love.

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