Pro-life vid of the day: Pro-abort protesters attack Buenos Aires cathedral

by LauraLoo

Pro-abortion protesters gathered to menace the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, assaulted a protective contingent of riot police but were eventually repulsed to cheers of “Viva Cristo Rey!” (Long Live Christ the King) by Catholics who had come to aid in the Cathedral’s defense. 

The video is in Spanish but the article in the above link has translated what occurred in English.

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6 thoughts on “Pro-life vid of the day: Pro-abort protesters attack Buenos Aires cathedral”

  1. Well if this isn’t a clear visual of the spiritual war we’re in…I don’t know what is.


  2. My Argentine husband has been warning Americans for decades not to become complacent with our freedoms. Argentina has many similarities to the United States, yet Argentina is a third world country and the United States isn’t.  
    The similarities between the two countries are many. Argentina is a republic. Its constitution is based on our constitution. Argentina has a large and diverse immigrant population. There are many Italians, Jewish, Korean and Slavic immigrants. After WWII, Argentina became a very rich nation with a gold reserve second to the United States, which disappeared under the dictatorship of Juan and Eva Peron.
    Argentina has abundant natural resources. It has copper, gold, and silver mines. It has its own oil reserve. It exports wine, grain, and leather goods.  The geography ranges from the mountains, to the deserts, to the pampas, to coastal regions. The country stretches from the tropics down to the Antarctic, where penguins roam amid the glaciers.
    With such a magnificent country, why is Argentina perpetually in trouble? Quite simply, it is the government; a government that is unpredictable and intrusive. It has socialist tendencies and pretends to be capitalistic. Prior to the 2008 election, the Wall Street Journal published an article warning Americans about electing Obama. Entitled: Argentina impoverishes itself again, the author warns of the consequences of Obama’s policies to spread the wealth and compares it to Argentina. It is still worth a read.


  3. I thought Eva Peron was a hero, at least Hollywood told me so…. ;p

    Donna, that’s such a wonderful comment! But if Nov. 2012 taught us anything, it’s that Americans vote with their stomachs. “Their stomach is their god” and they will not vote against the party that feeds them no matter the consequence  even if it leaves their children rioting in the streets over scraps >:(

    The Bible describes a descent into madness, where evil is considered good and good considered evil, and unfortunately it looks like we will be alive to see it unfold. God’s plans are perfect, these tragic years of stupidity, lust, and greed will give way to our King’s return and His remaking of Heaven and Earth! God speed the day! I hate this evil world :( But God is merciful too…. He is waiting for all who would come to Him to first do so before he makes good on His promise. <3 Thanks be to God!


  4. *awesome* and Dona, since the cold war is over, no, Argentina isn’t a “third world” country.


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