Pro-life video of the day: Voices without a vote

by Hans Johnson

There’s nothing like a full week without power because of Hurricane Sandy to concentrate one’s mind on the blessings we have in this country. The Declaration of Independence speaks of our unalienable rights, as endowed by our Creator, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which was understood in Thomas Jefferson’s day to refer primarily to the right to own and govern one’s own property).

Natural disasters can destroy homes, paralyze people’s freedom, and take lives. But governments can also levy onerous taxes and regulations on family estates and the people in general. Worse, they can stand by for or even sanction the killing of the youngest among us.

These young people,  as well as their younger brothers and sisters, can’t vote this Election Day, but their voices ask us to choose wisely. Which candidate, backed and tempered by which party, will best look out for our financial legacy, our freedom, and our children soon to be born?

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9 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Voices without a vote”

  1. Thanks. But now we’ve traded one disaster for another. To boomerang a sentiment from Michelle Obama, for the first time I’m not proud of my country.  :(
    The kids in this video are unfortunately outnumbered by a strange amalgamation of urban elites and their permanent underclass servants.
    We in flyover country, the middle class they pay lip service to, will suffer for another four years.


  2. Hey Hans, stay safe tonight. I don’t know where you are but this snow is surprisingly bad near me. Between the snow and the wind I could hardly bear the pain of keeping my eyes open to walk to the bus. My mom’s neighbor just lost power and I suspect she’s going to lose it soon too, pretty rough night for that. I’m glad she I set her up with the kerosene heater last week.

    This one is worse than I anticipated. Not catastrophic by any means but definitely a bummer. Stay warm and stay dry, wherever you are. Same for anyone else in this part of the country!


  3. Alexandra,
    Yeah, I’m in Bucks County, just north of Philly. We had flurries this afternoon, and we’ll supposedly get an inch or two of snow tonight before it turns to rain. No wind yet.
    I saw up Connecticut way they had some substantial snow. Our kerosene heater gave us a definite 5 degree boost last week. As long as it’s not in a closed off room there are no carbon monoxide worries. I heard of at least one elderly lady who succumbed to fumes from a generator.
    Surely we can’t have three disasters in a row! (I’m including the election!  ;) )


  4. I did know that, Hans – I remember telling you that I sometimes take a long weekend out in Bucks County! :) And my aunt lives in New Hope.

    The snow was a lot worse here than I think anyone expected. It’s just bad, I guess probably worst out near my shop in NJ. Lots of these traffic lights hadn’t even gotten working again after the storm yet, so that sucks. I work near a freight train line and it’s completely malfunctioning, constantly in “train approaching” mode for some reason, so the only way to reach this stretch of road is to risk your life and skirt the train barriers and drive over the tracks anyway. I waited nearly 45 minutes before I got up the nerve to do it, myself. Because you can’t even speed across the stupid things like you want to – you can’t get the traction so when you finally try to cross the tracks you just slip. ugh. It’s four sets of tracks right after each other so it’s not even like you get a break once you’re over one – you’re just stuck on the second one already.

    My gentleman got into a car accident last night during his 6.5-hour drive from NYC to Westchester (although he did need to drive out into Connecticut to find an open gas station so that accounts for some of the time). Fortunately he was only going 5mph, and he was some 100 yards behind the car in front of him. That person’s car skidded and slid before just getting stuck where it ended up, and then he just couldn’t stop, and just drifted the 100 yards or so until he finally crashed – they were on a very slight incline so he picked up speed while drifting, which he said was an awful and powerless feeling. He has several years of commercial truck driving under his belt and last night he was in a 4-wheel drive Dodge pickup so basically for him to have gotten into a car accident he saw coming so far away, I think the roads had to be pretty bad last night. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to grab the other guy and drag him over the snow bank and into the trees, before the next car came along and hit them. 

    Hopefully this crap will all melt fast, at least. I am just not in a very good mood about it right now. :/


  5. I’ve been pretty lucky in my winter driving  –  mostly because I seldom venture out then! Once I was going up a long hill on a four-lane highway at 45 m.p,h. or so and hit a patch of ice. I completely spun around 180 degrees and ended uo in the other lanes! I was lucky there was no traffic. That would have been a lot worse than a fender-bender.
    Listen to us! I bet the many here from Chicago and Wisconsin are laughing at us! After that surprise snowfall before last year’s Halloween, we got nary a flake!
    Ah, New Hope! I’m glad the Bucks County Playhouse has re-opened yet again. I was so looking forward to linking to the opening number of Oklahoma!, “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” after the election results. I live only a mile as the crow flies from Highland Farm, where Oscar Hammerstein II looked out his window at cornfields and cows grazing and wrote those lyrics.
    Hope your mom is doing well. The weather can be very different for these nor’easters in the hundred mile strip along the coast. It was nothing here a little inland.


  6. Laura,
    If you must. But I think we recently beat out Chicago in the wind department!  ;)


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