by Hans Johnson

There’s nothing like a full week without power because of Hurricane Sandy to concentrate one’s mind on the blessings we have in this country. The Declaration of Independence speaks of our unalienable rights, as endowed by our Creator, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which was understood in Thomas Jefferson’s day to refer primarily to the right to own and govern one’s own property).

Natural disasters can destroy homes, paralyze people’s freedom, and take lives. But governments can also levy onerous taxes and regulations on family estates and the people in general. Worse, they can stand by for or even sanction the killing of the youngest among us.

These young people,  as well as their younger brothers and sisters, can’t vote this Election Day, but their voices ask us to choose wisely. Which candidate, backed and tempered by which party, will best look out for our financial legacy, our freedom, and our children soon to be born?

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