by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • A Single Drop in the Ocean takes exception to a PETA ad that equates eating meat with the pro-life issue.
  • Moral Outcry lauds the work of a Colorado pastor who established Project 1:27, which “turned 875 children in the Colorado foster system who were waiting for adoption (not all foster children are eligible to be adopted) just a few years ago into zero.”
  • Down on the Pharm answers critics of pharmacists who refuse to sell the morning-after pill to men, and explains why some refuse to sell it at all.
  • Pro Life NZ responds to blogger Adam Lee’s “challenge” questions for pro-lifers, which are really nothing more than tired, old pro-choice talking points – including the fallacy of equating natural death with death by abortion.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic says that despite the often-repeated mantra, abortion on the disabled unborn is neither moral nor compassionate:

    Whether you mean to say it or not, advocating for abortion for unborn children with various diseases and disabilities in an effort to “spare them a life of suffering” (among other things) suggests that one must be perfect in mind and body in order to have a fulfilling life, which sends a message to those of us poor fools living with disabilities outside the womb that you do not think that our lives are worth living.

  • Right to Life of Michigan is happy to report that Pro-Life Lobby Day was attended by more than 800 people. Some important pieces of pro-life legislation were passed and will now wait for the governor’s approval. Despite political losses at the national level, pro-life work is gaining importance and traction at the state level.
  • ProWomanProLife points out the hypocrisy of feminists and progressives who refuse to even vote to condemn female gendercide in sex-selective abortions in Canada.
  • Wesley J. Smith shows the slippery slope is alive and well in Belgium, where the legalization of euthanasia and therapeutic abortion are now being used to justify infanticide:

    Several neonatologists have drawn up a procedure which enables euthanasia of premature newborn infants or those presenting a handicap in one of the three following instances: either the infant has no chance of survival, or it is deemed to only have a very mediocre quality of life, or the outlook is poor and it is felt that the infant will suffer unbearable pain.The Groningen Protocol [Dutch infanticide protocol] caused quite a stir in Belgium and a great many medical practitioners are of the opinion that since a “therapeutic” abortion is possible right up to the day before birth in the event of the child being handicapped, euthanasia of newborns ought also to be allowed under the same conditions.

  • Operation Rescue has information on the case of a patient who suffered severe blood loss after a possible “chemical abortion gone bad” in Cleveland, Ohio:


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