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  • Down on the Pharm juxtaposes the story of a man who has been jailed for putting live kittens into a freezer with our own Jill Stanek’s testimony of living aborted children left to die in the soiled utility room at Christ Hospital in a Chicago suburb.
  • Moral Outcry notes the hypocrisy of different businesses who tout their use of “Merry Christmas” during this season but support Planned Parenthood.
  • The FRC Blog discusses research which shows “growing up in a stable married household decreases a young woman’s likelihood of having either an abortion or an out-of-wedlock birth.”

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life shares an article from National Right to Life News on the irresponsible claim made by British medical publication The Lancet that “women’s choice is the key to reduce maternal deaths”:

    Maternal mortality is more a function of the overall medical circumstances than of the legal status of abortion. Ireland and Chile are two of the safest places in the world for women, and they do not permit the killing of unborn children. And some countries, like Guyana, have legalized abortion but have not seen maternal deaths decline (Guyana’s rate only increased)….

Developing countries must not neglect the basics of maternal health care in order to promote abortion — or implement WHO’s dangerous new abortion “guidelines,” as the Lancet editorial recommends. Women and unborn children deserve better.

  • The Chiaroscuro Foundation has launched a new site,, in which Professor Michael New and bioethicist Dr. Jacqueline Harvey will regularly critique current reproductive research published and promoted by the pro-choice, pro-contraceptives crowd in order to advance their agenda. It will be the job of RRA to help keep the researchers honest and to counter the media’s promotion of contraception as a panacea for societal ills.
  • At Ethika Politika, Andrew Haines notes the problem of the United States’ low national birthrate.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition says that despite reports to the contrary, Montana has not legalized assisted suicide.
  • Live Action refers to a report which now shows Savita Halappanavar, who died in Ireland after allegedly being refused an abortion, may never have actually requested an abortion:

    The Irish Times journalist who broke the story now says that it may be found that Savita made “no request for a termination.” The reporter, Kitty Holland, is the daughter of two abortion activists: Mary Holland and Eamonn McCann. Previously, the Irish Health Service Executive investigation reported that no request for an abortion was documented in Savita’s medical records. If true, it may be that her tragic death was intentionally lied about, hijacked by sensationalist journalism, and used as a vehicle to push a pro-abortion agenda upon the people of Ireland:


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