565600_10200344040269360_2012432767_nIt’s that time of year again, when NARAL Pro-Choice America hosts its annual Blog for Choice Day on January 22,  the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Likewise, for the third year in a row, pro-lifers will counter with our Ask Them What They Mean When They Say “Choice” Blog Day.

Or Mean Choice Day, for short.

Ironically, Planned Parenthood just announced it was abandoning the term “pro-choice.”

So I guess we could add an Ask Them Why They Blog For Choice When They No Longer Like It Blog Day.

Etc., etc. I’m sure you can think of several other questions to ask.

I’ll post the names and URLs of all blogs and websites that email me or add a comment that they’re participating.

This year we’ve added a Facebook Events page, so you can join there as well.

The plan is simple.

bfcd-2013Every year NARAL uses the anniversary of the day abortion was legalized throughout the United States to promote “choice.”

And for the last two years pro-lifers have not let them get away with obfuscating what that “choice” actually is.

We devote the day online to calling abortion proponents out – writing our own blog posts on the real meaning of “choice,” commenting on their blog posts, and questioning all their Facebook and Twitter blather.

We will also make good use of their designated Twitter hashtag, #Tweet4Choice.

Feel free to use our graphic. Thanks once again to pro-life graphic designer Kimberly of Spectacle Graphics for creating it.

Stay tuned!

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