Two Posters on Not a HUMAN BeingOddly, at its root, abortion really isnít a political issue at all. Itís a cultural revolutionary ideal and tactic. It has been indispensable in advancing radical feminism. It becomes political to the extent that it was thrust on this nation by the US Supreme Court in one of the most raw acts of judicial activism. Strictly speaking, it is a stateís rights issue, and the people have been robbed of their ability to decide this at the ballot box, or through their elected representatives.

If the political left thought that it would win at the ballot box they would welcome the opportunity. As it is, they know that many of the same people who say that they are personally opposed to abortion but wouldnít interfere with another womanís right to choose would in all likelihood never actually vote for abortion if given the chance.

Meanwhile, with 55 million dead Americans and counting, this fundamental human rights issue needs to be fought in the political sphere, using the machinery of politics. But make no mistake, abortion is no more a political issue than slavery was. That many cannot tell what is political and what is fundamental human rights is part of the dumbing down of America….

It became political when seven arrogant men arrogated to themselves the power of God…. That wretched court has a long, sad history of doing this with slavery, segregation, eugenic sterilization of the handicapped, internment (concentration) camps for Japanese-Americans, and now, abortion.

It took a civil war with well over 600,000 dead Americans to end slavery. Since (thankfully) nobody wants another one, the political sphere is all we have to reclaim the God-given right to life of the weakest among us…. The death toll for the babies could well top 200,000,000 before this scourge is ended.

Thatís not political. Fights over budgets and the size of the military are political. Thatís mass murder and genocide on an unprecedented scale.

~ Dr. Gerard Nadal, commenting on Stanek weekend question, “Do you believe the ‘safe, legal, and rare’ mantra backfired?”, January 12

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