UPDATE 4p: Marla and Christopher’s autopsy photos are up on page two. Reminder, they are graphic and disturbing. This is a reality of abortion.

Today, the pro-life group Life Dynamics, in cooperation with Operation Rescue and Priests for Life, will release autopsy photos of 18-yr-old Marla Cardamone, who died following a “safe and legal” abortion, along with her 17-to-19-wk-old preborn baby, Christopher Michael, whose photo will also be displayed.

The photos and Marla’s story will be posted at the new website, SafeAndLegal.com, which will be operational later today.

I will also post these tragic photos, which I have seen, when they come online.

The autopsy photos are published with the blessing and encouragement of Marla’s family, who want the world to know that supposedly “safe and legal” abortions kill mothers as well as their children.

Marla’s mother Deborah, pictured left with her daughter in the last photo taken of Marla alive, was interviewed for this month’s edition of Life Talk, available now. I met this dear women when we taped the show in December.

Marla died of a fast-moving blood infection less than a day after a urea-instillation, late-term abortion was begun at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Because the abortion was never completed, Marla’s baby was still inside her when she died.

Life Dynamics’ Mark Crutcher explains in a new video the rationale behind releasing Marla’s autopsy photos and how you can get brochures to distribute:


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