UPDATE Feb 1 2013, 9:52am: Larry Carter Center had his court hearing yesterday. He came in with a four-foot cane and police “to protect him from 81 year old Bill.” He faked not being to hear well and when Bill came to the podium he backed almost to the wall of the courtroom acting afraid. No video of the incident was shown in court. He was given a $55 fine and time served (27 hours in jail post-arrest). This was in spite of his being told at the court hearing for his last assault, to not get in trouble outside that clinic again.

20709473_BG1by Andy Moore of AbortionWiki.org

A former escort at a South Carolina abortion clinic decided to start the year off with a bang. Literally.

Larry Carter Center (mug shot right) is a former Green Party candidate for the S.C. House of Representatives and well-known socialist activist. He has also worked as a volunteer escort for the Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion business.

On January 12, as Carter was driving his teal sedan out of the parking lot of the abortion business, he “bumped” 81-yr-old pro-lifer William Gasque in the knee with his front bumper.

Gasque filed a complaint with the police four days later. Local 40 Days for Life leaders shared that “the police seemed genuinely disturbed by what they saw on the video.”

Center was subsequently arrested and charged with “simple assault,” which carries a penalty of up to 30 days in prison. Below is video of the incident.

The manager of the abortion clinic tried vainly to distance it from the assault, telling reporters the clinic had had a restraining order against Center for about two years.

However, this is patently untrue. Nine months prior, video footage was taken of Center wearing a clinic escort vest issued by the business. The business must have realized they would be called on this lie because as of today that claim was scrubbed of this statement.

This wasn’t the first time Center has attempted to intimidate the peaceful pro-lifers who regularly pray and counsel outside the abortion business. On July 30, 2011, police were called and a report filed when Center began mowing around a group of Catholics praying the Rosary in front of the clinic, yelling and pushing the mower into the legs of two men. The mower was running, the blades were cutting the grass. Click here to view a portion of the incident that was captured on film. Note that the available footage does not show Center bumping into the two men.

Oh. And here Center is in May 2012 attempting to wrap his tri-fold sign around another pro-lifer outside the same abortion business.

gary-boyleBut wait, there’s more. The Charleston Women’s Medical Center is the same one where, in October 2010 resident abortionist Gary Boyle (mug shot left) pulled a gun on pro-lifers witnessing outside. According to LifeNews:

Boyle drove his silver Lexus vehicle into the parking lot and he allegedly approached the pro-life advocates, including a 17-year-old boy, and produced a black handgun loaded with 15 rounds…. Police arrested Boyle and charged him with pointing a firearm.

Following his arrest, Boyle was promptly released on a $25,000 bond. In June 2012 it was reported Boyle would receive a fine of $100 and did not have to show up in court.


Can you imagine the furor had the incident been reversed? The outcry from the media and the pro-abortion lobby if a pro-lifer had struck a clinic escort with his car? It is time that acts of “pro-choice” violence against peaceful advocates against abortion were taken seriously – by the courts, politicians, and the media.

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