Get real: Obama and the nation sanction the killing of all school children

… just a few years before they get there.

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BTW, I would add “BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER THEIR BIRTH” to the sign, although there wouldn’t have been enough room, I suppose.

Nevertheless, Abolish Human Abortion’s point on the hypocrisy of our nation and our president is irrefutable.

As Rev. Clenard Childress wrote at RenewAmerica on January 2:

For even while in the Illinois State Senate, [Barack Obama] did everything within his power to stymie, and then vote down, the Born Alive Victims Act….

Federally, from 1996 through 2003, Barack Obama made at least seven controversial votes against bills mandating medical care for newborn children after late-term, botched abortions….

Obama’s view was this: if the mother willed for the child to die, then the child should be left to die. So I ask you – somewhat cynically – how can this same man, who claimed after he had reflected upon the Sandy Hook Massacre….

“The majority of those who died today were children – beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10-years-old,” he said, pausing to wipe away a tear. “They had their entire lives ahead of them – birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.

“Our hearts are broken today, for the parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children,” Obama added, “as well as the families of the adults who were lost.”

And while saying this pretends to wipe a tear away… Jill Staneck [sic] didn’t see any of his tears during her testimony…..

Also don’t forget this is the same man who endorsed suctioning the brains and crushing the skulls of every one of those school children as they were being born.

Harsh words but absolutely true. Obama’s duplicity, and the duplicity of all abortion supporters, is staggering and sick.

[HT Childress post: Ken and Jo Scott]

14 thoughts on “Get real: Obama and the nation sanction the killing of all school children”

  1. I have a theory about why Obama appeared so upset about the Sandy Hook tragedy:
    As with everything else he does, I think this scene was politically motivated. This gave him exactly the excuse he needed to advance his anti-gun campaign and further oppress the nation. My 2 cents.


  2. As I pointed out elsewhere:
    There were NO TEARS in his eyes. His eyes were not even red. He was sort of ..poking at the corners of his eyes. I don’t know if he was trying to make it look as if he were wiping tears, or if he was trying to “irritate” his eyes in an effort to produce some tears, but there were no ACTUAL tears.
    Obama is a really BAD actor.


  3. My tears do not originate from the outer corners of my eyes.  

    Maybe that is just me.  :)

    It was all so pathetic.  Totally, terribly pathetic. 


  4. I disagree.  I think Obama was legitimately upset about Sandy Hook.  I think the children reminded him of his own daughters.  We should pray that he makes the connection between those children and the children in the womb.

    We should all sign this petition for the abolition of abortion to be consistent with the world’s sorrow at and condemnation of the murders in Sandy Hook:


  5. How does he justify the fact that the most children killed in the womb are African and Hispanic American or is he just learning these facts? Where is the PUBLIC education to help people understand how horrific this is?


  6. How does race have anything to do with how horrible abortion is, Janet? Does it become a non-issue if all kids being killed are of Jewish or Caucasian decent? How about we keep pro-life people from sounding like uneducated bigots and care nothing about race and everything about keeping the “thou shall not kill” commandment?


  7. John, I think Janet was simply pointing out that – among the other reasons abortion is terribly wrong – abortion and its promoters are extremely racist.


  8. One of the nuttier things about Obama’s track record (such little there actually is) reveals that he was a very absentee politician and had very little to do with the job he’d been elected to do.  When he did decide to show up and act like his contintuents’ rep, THIS is the kind of thing he showed up to do.  It’s as if he sleep-walked through his job and just woke up to try and make sure that every “customer” who procured a dead baby got one. 



  9. I do believe the man voted PRESENT much of the time and campaigned for President the rest of his term as senator.

    But WOW the experience he had huh?? 


  10. lol @ Carla re: where tears originate. : ) I know I should give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I just don’t believe anything Barack Obama says.


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