pregnant1We know that liberals always use the military as a social laboratory…. And women in combat is social experimentation. It’s where you try out new things that go against the norms….

Late yesterday afternoon…  CNN’sDon Lemon… said… “Men and women are different, we know that. How should the military handle pregnancy, for example, for women in combat units? Should a combat unit leader be able to direct a woman member not to get pregnant?”…

See, it doesn’t occur to him that pregnant female soldiers in combat units may not actually be a good thing. He just assumes it’s going to happen with women in combat, you’re gonna have women pregnant. And how are we gonna deal with that…?…

Women in combat. If you’re trying to please women who voted for you and fulfill the dreams of feminism, then fine. But in terms of making the military stronger, it actually doesn’t do that. Not in combat….

I was just checking the e-mail and people say, “You may not have heard about this, Rush, but women in the military already have this solved. There is a shot, an injection that they’re given that eliminates the menstrual cycle period for a whole year. So it’s never, ever a problem,” and that may well be true, but who knows what the side effects of that are? As I say, it’s a liberal laboratory, a social laboratory. Who knows what the effects of a shot are that eliminates the period for a year.

~ Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, discussing the obvious concern of deploying women in combat, January 25 (i.e., how not to get pregnant)

[Photo Credit: Belief Net]