On January 23 the Style channel will premiere a new reality series, Big Rich Atlanta.

It’s a take off of Big Rich Texas, which is take off of the various Real Housewives series, none of which I’ve watched more than a few minutes, because everything about them makes me sad – the plasticity, the exploitation, the shallowness – everything. I just keep thinking to myself, “These poor people so need Jesus.”

870-bratcast-mf-112812-g13But I digress.

At least one of the two stars of Big Rich Atlanta merits attention, Meagan McBrayer, pictured right.

Meagan is the daughter of abortionist Daniel McBrayer, who has a chop shop in the Atlanta, Georgia, suburb of Marietta.

We in the pro-life movement don’t believe children should be punished for the sins of their fathers.

But this father has passed his sin on to his daughter.

Meagan’s Style bio lists her as a “licensed real estate agent,” which may be true. But Meagan also works at her dad’s office.

Pro-life activists attest to seeing Meagan go to work, and Abby Johnson called yesterday asking to speak with Meagan and was told she wasn’t working that day but would return in a couple of days.

2013-01-18_1158Dumpster diving pro-lifers also found a ledger from August 2012 listing all Alpha Group Gyn employees, with their phone numbers. Meagan ‘s name was on that list. See excerpts right.

(Shout outs to other employees Alberta, Angela, Anna, Cris, Eileen, Gina, Heidi, Imogene, Judy, Kensey, Krystal, Leslie, Lind, Maria, Nuria, Pamela, Racquel, Ramona, Shquana, Tiny, and Tonia. I could out you due to your own carelessness but won’t.)

So in some part Meagan’s “rich” lifestyle comes from the blood money of abortion.

daniel-mcbrayer_269277lDaniel McBrayer, mug shot right, is currently being investigated by the Georgia Composite Medical Board for illegally dumping patient files and biohazardous waste, and for illegally committing second trimester abortions.

McBrayer was arrested in 2009 for road rage after he punched the female driver of another car in the face.

The GCMB also disciplined McBrayer in 2002 for committing illegal second-trimester abortions.

And McBrayer caused the death of 27-yr-old abortion patient Catherine Pierce along with her child in 1989.

Such a messed up father could explain Meagan’s penchant for older men, as she admitted in a Big Rich Atlanta teaser. “I just like people who are at least – just – 10 years older than me,” said Meagan, to which her mother interjected, “It’s a daddy thing, I think,” with Meagan agreeing, “Yes, it must be a daddy issue.”


870-bratcast-mf-112812-g11It is unclear whether Meagan’s mother Marcia Marchman, who is divorced from McBrayer, is on the show due to wealth accumulated from McBrayer’s abortion income.

The show lists Marchman as an “interior designer,” but how did she pay for her home? With whose money did she accumulate the antiques she loves to collect?

Marcia says in the above teaser she is dating one of her two ex-husbands. Is that McBrayer?

Inquiring pro-life minds need to know.

Until these two extricate themselves from abortionist McBrayer and his money, pro-lifers with a penchant for watching reality tv are encouraged to stay away from Big Rich Atlanta.

[HT: Abby Johnson; thanks to pro-lifer extraordinaire Michelle Wolven for providing extra information.]

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