Planned Parenthood has spent the last few years vigorously campaigning for less medical oversight on abortion drugs….

When they say “limit[ing] access to abortion drugs,” they mean “requiring basic medical safeguards.” This is pro-choicers’ current cause célèbre: they demand less involvement by trained physicians. Less oversight by the FDA. Fewer requirements to ensure the woman’s health and well-being.

Pro-choicers do not want women to have an ultrasound to confirm gestational age, even though 16 to 23% of women who took RU-486 beyond the FDA-recommended 7 weeks required a D and C because of heavy bleeding or incomplete abortion. 612 women were hospitalized after using the drug, 339 needed a blood transfusion, and 256 suffered infections. And fourteen women died. According to the FDA report, eight of the dead women had been administered RU-486 in a manner unapproved by the FDA….

If Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-choice groups have their way, DIY abortions will rise — not because abortions will become harder to get, but because they will become easier. [Jennie Linn] McCormack’s story will become commonplace. Desperate women with no support, who feel like they have no other choice, will be taking drugs that they don’t understand. There will be no one to help them. No one will be required to support them. No one will check after their emotional health. No one will follow up to make sure the woman isn’t hemorrhaging, or suffering sepsis. No one will be there to see after the disposal of the tiny body.

That’s the only part of this story that embarrasses pro-choicers: [McCormack] didn’t do a better job of hiding the body. Every other detail played out exactly according to what they demand for all women.

~ Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register, January 4

[HT: Kelsey H.]

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