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  • Big Blue Wave spots an article from the liberal Toronto Star, which states that the abortion issue is far from settled, thanks in part to “the rebranding of the anti-abortion position as a pro-woman, with-it, modern stance.” Could the largely publicized issue of sex-selective abortion also be playing a role?
  • The FRC Blog discusses the shrinking adoption pool, both domestic and internationally. The prevalence of abortion figures heavily in this picture.


  • At Catholic Sistas, longtime pro-life activist Mary Ann Kreitzer recounts the boldness of early pro-lifers, who staged sit-ins and even chained themselves to examination tables at abortion clinics:

    We met at nearby St. Matthew’s Cathedral for Mass and prayed the mothers would choose life for their babies. Then we moved on to the “clinic” with chains and padlocks. Three women, myself included, were chained to operating tables in the abortion rooms. When asked later by media why we chained ourselves, I said the chains not only made it harder to remove us, but symbolized what abortion does to women, making them recyclable sex objects chained to the Playboy mentality.

  • Down on the Pharm points out the New York Times’ selective outrage over for-profit institutions – specifically, healthcare providers:

    It would, however, be a huge shock and surprise to see the leftie press calling for abortionists to provide their services at cost, and take no profits. There’s a fortune in abortion, and this is true for Planned Parenthood, which is excused from taxes as a supposed non-profit… as well as the multitudinous for-profit abortion industries.


  • Fletcher Armstrong shares information about how pro-life groups can earn money for handing out cards (pictured right) at the upcoming March for Life.
  • Live Action was less than thrilled with the results of the Golden Globe Awards, which honored a movie, Amour, which glamorizes euthanasia. The film has also received numerous Academy Awards nominations.
  • At the LTI Blog, Serge takes exception to Time’s recent cover story which claimed the pro-life side is winning the abortion war. He says instead of congratulating ourselves, we must acknowledge that more hard work needs to be done.
  • According to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a panel of three judges in Ireland have upheld the country’s ban on assisted suicide. However, the case will most likely be appealed to their Supreme Court.
  • Wesley J. Smith writes about the latest from Belgium, where 45-year-old deaf twins, upon learning they suffered from an illness that would render them blind, were voluntarily euthanized by lethal injection.
  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer writes about her experiences “attending the launch of Nebraska’s Abolitionist Society and participat[ing] in an amazing church protest at First Central Congregational Church in Omaha.” The pastor of the church, Scott Jones, is foster father to a 15-year-old boy and “husband” to a man who identified himself as a Planned Parenthood volunteer. In the video below, this pastor said he believes anyone who protests in front of a church is mentally ill. (Alert: profanity at beginning of video):


[Photos via Catholic Sistas and Fletcher Armstrong]

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