by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Live Action reports that Planned Parenthood of Michigan actually applied for a grant to teach abstinence in schools (after claiming on their website that abstinence education doesn’t work) – and were denied. Is getting tax funding is an addiction with them?
  • At the LTI Blog, Scott Klusendorf shares a short story that cuts to the heart of the “noise” surrounding the pro-life issue.
  • ProWomanProLife showcases the baffling hypocrisy of feminists who are protesting an award being given to the Israeli pro-life group Efrat, which provides women with counseling, financial help, and alternatives to abortion. Would those same feminists protest if the award instead went to a group that provided financial aid for abortion?

  • The Abstinence Clearinghouse points out Planned Parenthood’s odd sense of humor about sexually transmitted diseases. PP stocks STD Plushies – made to look like “microbes of herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea,” calling them “cute and cuddly.” One commenter to PP’s Facebook page remarked, “Clearly, Planned Parenthood will do anything to treat sexual health as a non-issue.”

When you profit from the killing of innocent human beings on a daily basis, perhaps a warped way of thinking isn’t far behind. Are these plushies supposed to make people feel like STDs aren’t serious illnesses?

  • Americans United for Life cheers the common sense court decision allowing Texas to remove Planned Parenthood from its state-funded healthcare program.
  • Judie Brown is choosing to view 2013 with cautious optimism, thanks to a “recipe for success”:



• One generation of young enthusiasts
• One helping of articulate speakers
• One measure of self-sacrificing black leaders
• One generous sprinkling of faithful public witness
• One heaping cup of reliable guidance

Stir with the largest amount of total surrender to God’s will possible and allow it to rise.

When the dough is ready, the nation will be on its knees, prepared to surrender to His truth and right the wrongs that once nearly destroyed America.

  • Pro-Life in TN comments on a new viral photo of little Nevaeh Atkins’ birth via c-section, in which she reaches out to grasp the surgeon’s finger. While most reactions to the photo have been positive, this was not the case with a similarly remarkable photo (pictured right) taken by Michael Clancy more than 12 years ago at Vanderbilt University during the spina bifida surgery of Samuel Armas’ at 21 weeks, after which Clancy “was chastised and called a liar by the attending doctor and the hospital.”


More on the latest photo:

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