by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Suzy B announces an upcoming dinner featuring pro-life stalwarts, Rep. Paul Ryan and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, both of Wisconsin, as speakers. Suzy B also invites readers to nominate young women under 30 for a pro-life leadership award. The deadline is January 30th.

  • Priests for Life won its lawsuit against the HHS contraception mandate, allowing them exemption from paying for abortion-causing drugs through their health insurance plans. However, they realize the fight is not over:

    “We are not expecting the government to come up with regulations that we can accept, but this is still an important first step,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. “We were prepared to violate the mandate on Jan. 1, at great expense to our organization. We are very grateful to the court that we did not have to take that step, and we remain confident that this unjust mandate will be entirely and permanently struck down.”

  • Right to Life of Michigan writes that the abortion clinic in Muskegon will not re-open due to violations of the fire code and “overt poor housekeeping… not suitable to continued operation.” The clinic’s abortionist, Robert Alexander, had a “checkered history, including a felony conviction, multiple revocations of his medical license and botched abortions” – offenses which seem to be becoming more common among these “front alley” practitioners.
  • Stand True invites March for Life 2013 attendees in D.C. to join them for some pro-life activism opportunities before the March for Life Youth Rally.
  • Moral Outcry encourages not only adoption but foster parenting:

    One of the personal covenants I’ve made with God is to be willing to be the answer to my own prayer. I believe as a Christian, I not only pray for Life, but I also give myself in the way of being an answer to my prayers for Life!… So for 2013, our… New Year’s Resolution is to be a foster care trained family so we can be a family to a child.

  • Wesley J. Smith says everyone should be outraged by researchers who claim pedophilia is simply another (acceptable) sexual orientation… and that some children actually “like” being victimized by adults:

    Think about it: If the desire for sexual congress with children is just “another orientation” – an odious comparison, in my view – and if some children supposedly “like it” when they voluntarily engage in sex with adults – and indeed, if it doesn’t actually hurt them – how long would the absolute rejection of cross-generation congress last? Not very. It wouldn’t be long until we saw the absolute prohibition on pedophilic sex downgraded to a mere “taboo,” which, as the last fifty years teach us, are made to be broken. NAMBLA [North American Man Boy Love Association] members must be grinning ear-to-ear.

    I call this kind of discussion, “terminal nonjudgmentalism,” because it is designed to move us from viewing pedophilia as absolutely unacceptable, to an issue that is debatable and should be “discussed,” toward the final goal of acceptability.

    No “conversation!” No debate! Having sexual relations with children treats them as mere objects, a good definition of evil. If this view ever enters the mainstream – and that seems closer – we are on the road to cultural death.

  • Secular Pro Life examines what they consider the strongest arguments against abortion, put forth by Frank Beckwith and Don Marquis, the latter of which has been “widely viewed by philosophers as containing the single most powerful argument against abortion.”

[HHS graphic via Priests for Life]

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