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  • A Lima, Ohio abortion clinic has closed. Note the hilarious bias in the article:

    A pregnancy services provider that lists non-surgical abortion among its services has shut its doors in Lima, but as of now, it’s unclear whether the closure is temporary or permanent.

    The Capital Care Network Lima office had its front door locked, lights off and curtains pulled shut Wednesday afternoon.

    Several calls made to the Lima and Columbus offices went unanswered — many of the calls would not go through.

    The wide range of pregnancy services that “pregnancy services provider” Capital Care Network Lima provided included abortion, abortion, abortion, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and abortion counseling.

  • Avik Roy attempts to imagine what a middle ground on abortion would look like.


  • Mark Tooley discusses the United Methodist Church’s position on abortion and his hope that they’ll eventually change:

    Last year’s United Methodist General Conference was prepared to accept a committee recommendation to withdraw from the abortion coalition until a legislative logjam and liberal maneuvers prevented a floor vote. In 2000, the United Methodist Church did oppose partial-birth abortion and has over the years backed other limits on abortion. But the church agencies belonging to the abortion coalition remain uncompromisingly pro-abortion rights. For Roe v. Wade’s 40th anniversary, they expressed no sadness over the more than 50 million abortions since 1973.

  • Gregg Cunningham responds to an essay calling on pro-lifers to stop using graphic images of abortion:

    Of course pictures are not a panacea. Many women so harden their hearts that no influence can reverse their decision to abort. But attributing their abortion decisions to abortion photos is a contention for which there exists not a shred of credible evidence.

    I have never heard anyone say “I never accepted abortion until I saw a picture of it.” I have heard countless people say “I always accepted abortion until I saw a picture of it.” The pro-life movement is sadly ignoring the lessons we should take from multiple studies which have repeatedly shown that stomach-churning, nightmare-inducing pictures are an effective means of reducing smoking. We know experientially that abortion photos also reduce abortion.

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