backofescortServalbear recently wrote about our excellent experience with Jobstr, and the high quality of questions asked, which you can read about here if you missed it the first time. By the time she wrote about it, the first flurry of questions had died down, but her post unleashed a whole new run of questions…

We soon realized that the Jobstr site had been linked to a column by a national pro-life blogger. I won’t link to her here ~ email us if you have a pressing need to find her column.

We answered some of the questions they sent ~ the ones that could actually be considered questions ~ and deleted a number.  But the ones we deleted began to amuse me, and I can’t resist answering them here.

Q: “Do you ever feel like a Nazi soldier… leading a person to their demise?”

A:  No, never.

~ Abortion clinic escort fml221 describing the effect that a February 11 the Stanek Quote of the Day had on Jobstr’s post on questions for clinic escorts, Every Saturday Morning, February 20

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