UPDATE 2/13 3:27p: I have made a slideshow of photos of some of Carhart’s illegally dumped items, adding a few more photos than I originally posted yesterday.

breaking2/13 12:37p: An investigator with the Environmental Crimes Unit of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has notified Maryland Coalition for Life that his department is launching a criminal investigation against late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s clinic.

The call to MCFL’s executive director Michael Martelli came yesterday in follow-up to a complaint lodged by Martelli’s group in November 2012.

That complaint alleged Carhart’s clinic was illegally dumping medical and biohazardous waste, patients’ medical records and private information, medications, and syringes.

It would seem not coincidental that this investigation was announced four days after the death of a mother following an abortion at that same clinic.

Operation Rescue is today reporting the investigator, David Williams, also contacted Janet Kotowski, manager of Germantown Pregnancy Choices, who lodged the complaint.

Operation Rescue first filed a complaint and reported on the illegal dumping in July 2012:

Between August, 2011, and May, 2012, trash generated by Germantown Reproductive Health Services was inspected and photographed by pro-life activists working in conjunction with Operation Rescue….

“In light of new clinic regulations that are set to go into effect on July 23, we are asking the Maryland Board of Physicians and the Department of Health to fully investigate Carhart’s dumping practices… and take whatever disciplinary action is necessary to protect the public,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation.

When no state agency took action, Maryland Coalition for Life filed a second complaint this past November.

“We submitted a laundry list of reasons why the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene should not license Carhart and should inspect him,” Martelli told me.

That same month the state enacted abortion clinic regulations. Ironically, the day before Jennifer McKenna Morbelli died last week on February 7, DHMH licensed 17 abortion clinics, including Carhart’s – without ever having inspected them.

The investigator told Martelli yesterday his department was specifically interested in the medical and biohazardous waste found and cataloged by Martelli’s group from Carhart’s dumpster.

“He reiterated four times that they were launching a criminal investigation,” Martelli relayed. Cheryl Sullenger of OR also spoke with Williams yesterday, who confirmed this a “very serious criminal investigation.”

Following is a slideshow of just some of the photos of illegal waste found in Carhart’s trash between August 2011 and May 2012 that were submitted with the complaint….

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”carhart-trash-final-3″]

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