2013 Sundance Portrait - After TillerIn July 2012 an abortion-minded mother who was 27 weeks pregnant changed her mind and gave sidewalk counselors praying and offering help outside LeRoy Carhart’s (pictured right) Germantown, Maryland, abortion clinic all the paperwork he had given her.

The paperwork included “Facts about Induction Procedure (22 weeks and up).”

Abortion proponents oppose any attempts by legislatures to ensure abortionists provide informed consent. For instance, Guttmacher Institute thinks the needs of pregnant mothers are too “complex” to address in a written document:

Regulations requiring state-approved information or waiting periods may not meet the complex needs of all women. Instead, women may benefit more from interactions with trained staff who can assess and respond to their individual needs.

Amanda Marcotte thinks to mandate what is included in abortion informed consent is to call women “stupid” – the status quo is fine:

But are women as stupid as conservatives believe?…

Anti-choice propaganda would have you believe that women are marched through abortion clinics, strapped to tables, and subjected to abortions without anyone asking them a question, much less explaining what’s going on. In reality, women get counseling beforehand, where they talk about why they want an abortion and are given information about what’s going to happen and what options they have.

Bearing those thoughts in mind, read Carhart’s “fact” sheet on late-term induction abortions for yourself. Click to enlarge…


Where to begin? Do Marcotte, et al, stand by this as professional and complete “information about what’s going to happen”?

For starters, the word “abortion” is only mentioned once, at the end of the second-to-last sentence, aside from within the url at the top of the page. And this is a document about abortion. Why avoid the word? Are women so frail they can’t handle it? Or are we indeed to assume aborting mothers of late-term babies know everything they need to know when walking through the door?

The “What it is” section doesn’t begin to explain what “it” is. By this paragraph I would think “it” is an ultrasound.

You-cant-handle-the-truth6And never mind “baby,” the document never even mentions the more politically correct term, “fetus.” That being terminated is  “the pregnancy.” Again, can’t women be expected to handle accurate medical terminology and information?

There is no explanation as to what happens between feeling pressure and the D&C, making it appear as if it is the D&C that ensures the abortion, which is false. There is no explanation as to what a mother might see during the “to be completed” part of the labor induction abortion, which is the delivery of her dead baby, or if she might want to hold her dead baby.

I also wonder who administers the Oxytocin (Pitocin)? Who increases or decreases the dosage? Is the mother wearing a monitor to ensure she is not contracting too much or too little and how strong the contractions are? Who gives the pain meds? It would seem to me if a nurse wereindeed overseeing patients, s/he would be identified as “nurse,” not “person.”

Comparing Carhart’s abortion induction protocol to my experience with a hospital’s labor induction protocol for mothers carrying babies the same gestational age (including mothers of younger babies who had died) leaves me shocked. How Third World this man is.

Do abortion proponents really stand by this standard of “informed” consent?

Here is Carhart’s “fact” sheet on D&E abortions, which is just as vague.

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