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  • Pro-Life Action League has filed a formal complaint demanding an investigation into the death of 24-year-old Tonya Reaves at Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic:

    While normally, such violations of professional medical standards would be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health, all Illinois Planned Parenthood facilities are unlicensed. As a result, any investigation relating to sub-standard medical care on their part is entrusted to [the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation].

  • Reproductive Research Audit points out the flaws in a so-called study which California is attempting to use to overturn a law requiring that only physicians perform abortions. Though the study claims risks to women would be “minimal,” RRA found otherwise:

    Using the sample and the number of complications provided, RRA found that non-physician abortions were twice as likely to experience a complication, and one additional woman per seventy-five women would have an adverse effect if medical standards were lowered.

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  • Secular ProLife encourages pro-lifers on Facebook to support a secular social media campaign (graphic pictured left) to correspond with the prayer-based event, 40 Days for Life.
  • John Smeaton expresses gratefulness to the resigning Pope Benedict XVI for linking the defense of marriage with protecting life.
  • At the LTI Blog, Scott Klusendorf explains why pro-life Protestants should be interested in the election of the new Pope.
  • Real Choice writes of a previously undiscovered 1995 death at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in California, in which a 21-year-old was given too much anesthetic. While the patient’s friend waited for hours on site, clinic personnel neglected to alert him to the fact that the patient had been transferred to a hospital where she later died.

    So far, 15 deaths at this facility have been uncovered, from 1970-2004.

  • At Live Action, Nancy Flanders responds to a profane Jezebel blog which discusses the “best age to abort,” settling on age 25. Of course, for the pro-choice crowd, abortion is not a serious subject. Flanders writes:

    … [Blogger Erin Gloria] Ryan says that women are more likely to be financially stable at this age and still very fertile and therefore don’t have much to lose by having an abortion. She says that since the average age of marriage is now 27, women should be all set to abort any children at age 25 because in the next two years they will likely find a life partner and still have time to get pregnant. So it’s okay to toss this baby aside.

    Of course, she notes, “it’s more emotional to abort when you know the guy’s last name.” So, women, Ryan’s advice is to engage only in casual sex with strangers until you’re ready to be married. Only then, she believes, should you attempt a real relationship with a man; otherwise, you risk letting any baby you create live, and that would ruin your life.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic reports that Malala Yousufzai, the brave young woman who was shot in the head by the Taliban for seeking an education, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize:

    American feminists take note: this is what a real “war on women” looks like. Not the supposed threat of limited access to abortion and birth control. In fact, our foremothers in the battle for women’s equality here in the United States — women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton — abhorred abortion.

    Below is a video of Malala, shared in a CBS News article:


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