Pro-aborts fume about ultrasound legislation that mirrors Planned Parenthood’s protocol

up_7fr0lnUPDATE 3:50p: From Huffington Post, today:

Indiana state senators have dropped a requirement that would force women to undergo an ultrasound procedure both before and after having a medication-induced abortion, after the legislation attracted national criticism.

Could it be legislators added that second ultrasound to have something to compromise on and still get what they really wanted? Or maybe it was accidental. Still, an ultrasound bill moves forward.

10:09a: I read a piece last week by RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty complaining about pending ultrasound legislation in Indiana, which…

… would require not only that a patient undergo a likely mandatory forced trans-vaginal ultrasound prior to receiving the medication to induce abortion [RU486], but another vaginal ultrasound during her mandated follow up two weeks after the abortion.

Sure enough, SB 371 does mandate a follow-up ultrasound. Robin and I got into a little Twitter debate…

So I checked, thinking to myself that legislators likely did not compose that mandate out of thin air but were likely following established medical protocol. Sure enough, on Planned Parenthood’s website I found these instructions for medical abortions:


This would most likely be a transvaginal ultrasound, because these are more accurate with early pregnancies. As you can read, either an ultrasound or blood test is necessary to ensure the baby is dead.

In a survey of its members in 2003, the National Abortion Federation found that fully 92% of its abortion clinics either always or sometimes use vaginal ultrasounds after abortions…


Apparently, liberal MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow knows none of this. On February 21 Maddow attempted to mock and intimidate pro-life Indiana Governor Mike Pence away from supporting SB 371, trying to replay the other side’s successful attempt to intimidate pro-life Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell last year.

But in the process Maddow mocked the abortion industry’s own medical protocol. In the process Maddow mocked procedures aimed at protecting the health and safety of women. There are several reasons to perform ultrasounds both before and after RU486 abortions, as Indiana Right to Life explained in this piece.

I now give you Rachel Maddow, if you can stomach her…

Excerpt of Maddow’s most obtuse display:

Mike Pence may be about to double Governor Ultrasound [Bob McDonnell] , because Republicans in the Indiana senate have just advanced a bill that would force Indiana women against their will to have not one, but two medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasounds. Just because….

For women having the kind of abortion you can get very early in pregnancy, where you just take a pill that ends the pregnancy, Indiana Republicans want to force women to submit to a state-ordered vaginal probe before you are allowed to have that pill.

And then, two weeks later, the state government would like to make you come back for a second medically unnecessary, state-ordered vaginal probing after the first one.

Go ahead and imagine that job. Go ahead and imagine the person whose job it’s gonna be to try to do that, to try to convince Indiana women to come back in for a second medically unnecessary vaginal probe ultrasound.

“Hi, it’s Ann from the clinic. The governor insists that you come back in and get probed again. No, no, no, it’s not your doctor that wants it, it’s the governor. Do you know Governor Mike Pence?”

How about it, Mike Pence, do you want to be the new Governor Ultrasound when Bob McDonnell retires the title, this time 100% more unwanted more vaginal probing?

The Left’s willful ignorance is sometimes staggering.

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  1. Vaginal ultrasounds are often used in early pregnancy because the other type of ultrasound might not be able to pick up the baby as well. I would think if you are having a medical abortion  an ultrasound at your 2 week checkup is a GOOD THING because if parts of the baby are left behind and not expelled properly by your body life-threatning infection can set in. I mean…I think most women about to have abortions (whether surgical or medical) know their vaginas will be involved in some way. Why do pro-aborts act like this is such an intrusion?


  2. Abortion proponents never let facts stand in their way. If they were interested in facts, they’d be pro-life.


  3. So what’d she say after you pointed out to her that, yes, ultrasound IS part of follow-up care protocol? Did her head spin around? Did she barf green soup and pee on her living room carpet during a dinner party?


  4. But it’s not intrusive if THEY do it. Definitions of words can change depending on who’s saying them.


  5. They are saying that ultrasounds are medically unnecessary?  Well, you know what’s even more medically uncessary?  Killing your baby.


  6. Gee, people who have no clue about about abortion procedure and ultrasounds pretend to be “experts” and “know-it-alls”. It is VERY important to have ultrasound before AND after the abortion. Not because pro-lifers say so, but because it’s a good medical practice to be sure the baby is appropriate gest. age for the procedure and to make sure the procedure was successful and there is no more risk of infection. Duh!!!! Talk about war on women – mutilate them with wrong type of procedures because we have no clue about gestational age and then leave them rot with infection because we don’t care to check up afterwards… Makes me SO mad!!!!


  7. I’d just like to point out that this protocol the pro-abortion advocates are bellyaching about is also recommended by the NAF and ACOG in their guidelines on medical abortion. I think the only entity who doesn’t recommended such is the WHO, but all of their recommendations on the subject don’t seem to understand the concept of “standard of care” or “patient safety” and as such should be disregarded. I mean, they do allege that it is perfectly safe for a woman to give herself a medical abortion with no supervision of any kind. At any rate, if pretty much every medical association out there can agree that this is the acceptable way to do things, so legally codifying it should not be that horrible. But of course, all the pro-abortion advocates want is abortion, abortion abortion, NOT safe, legal, rare abortion like they want people to believe. If nothing else, all this legislation makes them show their true colors, praise God!


  8. And since the radical pro aborts rail about trans vaginal ultrasounds as intrusive, may I remind them that the woman was pregnant through the insertion of the penis and the abortion procedure will involve the insertion of instruments.  Just sayin…


  9. Janet, my thoughts exactly. Maddow commenting on pregnancy is much like men thinking they know about the rigors of breastfeeding.

    She’s clueless, and embarrassing to her own cause. Women like Maddow are totally out of touch with most women’s sex lives and pregnancy issues. But they sure are loud in claiming to speak for the majority of us!


  10. Pro-aborts really throw around the word “unwanted.” Unwanted babies. Unwanted ultrasounds. It’s all about wants, not needs. And unwanted by THEM only, which is all that matters to them. It’s their rhetoric that’s unwanted.


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