by Hans Johnson

Albany Rose, now ardently pro-life, painstakingly set out to retrieve the records of her abortion at Planned Parenthood, which she quickly found were inaccurate. From her website:

I was sixteen years old when I had my abortion. For  years, I pushed the memories of that time in my life completely out of my mind.

It was only during the summer of 2010 that my views changed on abortion, and in 2011 I decided that I wanted to get my medical records back from that day. I wanted them back so I would hopefully be able to start filling some of the holes in my past.  For a year I put it off, trying to muster up the courage to get my records, and now I speak out today about what I got back from them, and encourage more women to do the same. For truth, and for healing.


You can hear Albany’s interview and post-abortive experience with Laura Ingraham here.

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[HT: Laura Ingraham]

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