closedFrom Wisconsin came welcome news this week that four Planned Parenthood clinics will soon close. From Huffington Post, February 18:

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced the closure of four family planning health centers on Monday as a result of the state legislature’s elimination of funding to the health care provider.

The clinics in Beaver Dam, Johnson Creek, Chippewa Falls and Shawano, which serve approximately 2,000 patients, will close between April and July of this year.

These closures will bring the total of Planned Parenthood clinics in the Badger State down to 23, three of which commit abortions. PPWIs 2010 annual report listed no adoption or prenatal referrals or services but that it did kill 4,827 babies, 62% of Wisconsin’s total number of abortions. There will now be three less feeders.

In Iowa, two Planned Parenthood clinics have announced they are shutting their doors. According to, February 21:

Spokeswoman Shelby Cloke said that the clinic in Spencer will close and that the Fort Madison clinic operations will be consolidated with Keokuk and Burlington clinics on March 15.

The Spencer mill commits abortions. Thirteen of Iowa’s remaining 18 PPs will continue to murder children.

I spoke with Jim Sedlak of American Life League this morning. ALL tracks the number of nationwide Planned Parenthoods. The following chart will soon be updated, Jim told me, to reflect the latest figures.  At the end of January 2013 there were 730 PPs remaining, from a high of 938 in 1995 – PP’s lowest number of clinics in 30 years, since 1983.


Every PP that closes saves lives. In addition, each closure gives PP that much less clout, and, as Jim pointed out, another congressman without a PP in his or her district to wield political pressure.

Finally, Live Action News posted a tragic story on January 20 that was picked up on Drudge of a mother who is suing Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver for a forced abortion that was also botched.

This will not go down as a good week for Planned Parenthood, deservedly so.

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