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UPDATE 2/14, 12:06p: From Stuff.co.nz comes the news that parents of the young girl who gave birth at Zoquipan Hospital in Mexico, photo right, were not honest with authorities, either about her age or the circumstances of her pregnancy:

[P]rosecutors said Wednesday that DNA tests revealed the baby’s father is the girl’s 44-year-old stepfather and that he is under arrest.

They said an anthropological study of the girl showed she is between 12 and 13. The girls’ parents didn’t have a birth certificate for her and initially told authorities she was nine.

by LauraLoo

2/8, 12p: On January 27, a Mexican girl named only as Dafne (now age 9) gave birth to a baby girl in Jalisco state, Mexico.

According to Dafne’s mother, the baby’s father (age 17) is missing after running away. Abortion would have hidden the crime.

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