20130325-224350.jpgHaving ended its first week, earlier chapters of the [abortionist Kermit Gosnell] trial were much more charged. Those included gruesome and revolting descriptions of dead babies – oh, excuse me, I mean fetuses, not babies, not even the one that was seven months along [gestational age depicted in image, right] who could have walked Gosnell to the bus, he reportedly joked.

It’s nice to have fun on the job.

Jurors nearly sobbed when they learned that Gosnell reportedly cut the spinal cords of dozens of fetuses and babies, which means the state believes at least some survived birth, allowing Gosnell to be charged with murder.

It’s amazing that what separates human from nonhuman, baby from fetus, is the thickness of the wall of the mother’s belly.

Uh-oh. This is heading where maybe it shouldn’t.

~ Stu Bykofsky, Philadelphia Inquirer, March 22

[Image via ehd.org]

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