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No surprise, a Planned Parenthood panel will tonight kick off a two-day event to be held March 7 and 8 at the University of Cincinnati, sponsored by UC’s LGBTQ Alliance and UC Feminists.

The title of the event is “Re-envisioning the Female Body” and is advertised to show “12 billboard-sized photographs of vaginas” (not linking to the site – porn).

The purpose? A response to Created Equal’s Autumn 2012 display, which educated UC students about the graphic reality of abortion…


But UC LGBTQs and feminists have a problem with showing the truth about abortion:

The idea and focus of this demonstration is a response to the gruesome, billboard sized images of mutilated fetuses and genocide victims brought to our campus by radical pro-life groups.

It will serve to call attention to the… negative dispositions our society holds toward the vagina….

Objectively speaking, these students have a strange way of making their point.

imageimageShowcasing the willing orifice through which helpless babies are chopped, murdered, and suctioned in order to protest exposure of this atrocity is akin to showcasing the arms of Viet Cong and Nazi shooters in order to protest exposure of those mass genocides…



Furthermore, the vagina is an internal organ, so the only way to photograph it would be to insert a speculum and lighted camera scope, and then what would you see? Nothing any more exciting than a photograph from inside a colon, which I’ll spare you.

No, “The Vaginas Are Coming!” display will not actually be of them at all but rather of external female genitalia.

So the entire endeavor is a huge exercise in obtusity, and at an institution of higher education, no less.

Organizer Maria Kothman noted the discrepancy on Facebook but countered that to point it out was simply “finding fault with other’s arguments” – and mean, apparently. “Be kind,” she urged. UC Students who now flunk Anatomy 101 exams on the female reproductive system should try these comebacks with professors.

And what of Planned Parenthood’s part in all this? As DC Naked noted:

What is being pictured is actually the vulva. While it might be totally possible that I would miss something like that, being a lawyer and writer [a]nd not, say, a womens’ health professional, it scares me a little to think Planned Parenthood, which specializes in womens’ health has yet to pick up the difference, despite this being the six month mark of this vagina-centric campaign.

Kudos to Students for Life UC president Ashley Ladouceur for leading a counterprotest to educate on Planned Parenthood’s nefarious practices.

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