As many abortionists are found to be over the course of time, abortionist Reginald Sharpe is a menace to society.

ssharpebiobbabyThe rap sheet against Sharpe is long.

Sharpe’s medical license was placed on probation in 1998 for illegally administrating drugs and was suspended in 2005 after he botched an illegal 27-week abortion. Sharpe was busted in 2008 for illegally dumping patient records, aborted babies, medical waste, and syringes. In 2010 Medicaid revoked Sharpe’s certification for unspecified “fraud and abuse, false billing, or kickbacks.”

In addition, Sharpe has been sued at least five times:

  • March 2006: Sharpe/Northland Family Planning abortion clinic paid a $50,000 settlement for failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, which led to the loss of a fallopian tube.
  • January 2009: Sharpe sued for committing an abortion without the mother’s consent. Case is on appeal.
  • April 2011: Sharpe sued by the family of a woman who died following an abortion, for perforating her uterus and lacerating a uterine blood vessel, intestines, and liver.
  • August 2012: After missing an ectopic pregnancy during an abortion on April 2011, Sharpe  sued after the mother’s fallopian tube burst.
  • August 2012: Sharpe sued for an August 2011 botched abortion after leaving a baby’s head inside a mother’s uterus and fetal parts floating in her abdomen as well as puncturing her uterus at least seven times.

Sharpe’s finances are also a mess. Last October Sharpe filed for bankruptcy, claiming to be $200,000 in debt. Want to hear Sharpe’s voice? Here’s a snippet of audio of Sharpe explaining to the court how he came to owe the IRS $100,000.

At one point Sharpe owned three abortion mills in Michigan but closed one in Bloomfield last year and two more in Livonia and Detroit earlier this month.

After Sharpe filed for bankruptcy his bank, Comerica, belatedly learned he was carrying no malpractice insurance and had “no real prospect for doing so in the future.”

Because Sharpe filed for bankruptcy, the latter three lawsuits listed above were dismissed by the court.

michigan-abortion-300x199Fortunately, anti-abortion omnibus bill HB 5711, signed into Michigan law last December, which Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards called “extreme,” will require abortionists to carry $1 million of malpractice insurance as of April 1. UPDATE: Have been corrected on this point by Right to Life of Michigan’s legislative director, Ed Rivet. The malpractice insurance requirement was removed before the bill was signed over disagreements. What a travesty.

ReginaldSharpe-SummitMedicalCenter03082013-120x160One might assume this menace abortionist is off the streets.

But no. Pro-life investigator Lynn Mills has confirmed Sharpe is now working at Summit Women’s Center abortion clinic in Detroit. Lynn snapped a photo of him at the mill, right.

Lynn got additional corroboration in this shocking little video shot earlier this month. You’ll see Lynn show a Summit staffer the death certificate of the mother Sharpe killed. The staffer first denies Sharpe had anything to do with it, then defended death as one of the complications of abortion…


Thanks again to Lynn for her thorough research into Sharpe’s history and whereabouts. Lynn has been tracking Michigan abortionists for over 30 years, searching dockets for lawsuits that would otherwise go unknown, keeping records, conferring with a strong contingent of pro-lifers in the state, and contacting lawyers, insurance companies, and police to share information.

Here’s a photo of Lynn I love, of her victoriously exiting Sharpe’s Livonia mill earlier this month after being allowed by movers to walk through it. Click to enlarge…


There are hundreds of Lynns across the country who track abortionists and stand in witness at abortion clinics. The movement is indebted to these unsung heroes.

[Top photo via Citizens for a Pro-Life Society; pro-abortion photo via Think Progress; photo of Sharpe via]

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