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Is it fair to equate abortion with slavery?

Virginia Democrats are attacking Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli for comments he made last year connecting the two, this on the heels of Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser doing the same at CPAC.

Cuccinelli was spot on:

Over time, the truth demonstrates its own rightness, and its own righteousness. Our experience as a country has demonstrated that on one issue after another. Start right at the beginning, slavery. Today, abortion.

History has shown us what the right position was, and those were issues that were attacked by people of faith aggressively to change the course of this country. We need to fight for the respect for life, not just for life but for respect for life. One leads to the other.

As RH Reality Check’s Robin Marty fairly pointed out, “Maybe this language is somehow new to those who don’t pay much attention to the abortion issue. For those who do spend any time listening, this is rhetoric we’ve heard over and over again.”

But apparently Democrats are looking for fodder in anticipation of Terry McAuliffe’s run against Cuccinelli. IMO, it’s a place Democrats should rather not go, but ok. What do you think? Are the two issues related? Or not? Answer the poll at the bottom right side of the home page.

Our last poll question was a bit screwed up. So we’re rebooting.

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