imageEarlier this month quack late-term abortionist Reginald Sharpe was forced to close his Women’s Advisory Center abortion clinic in Livonia, Michigan, when the building went into foreclosure – this on the heels of Sharpe filing for bankruptcy last October.

If the walls of this 32-yr-old building could talk, their tales would certainly horrify most listeners, since the structure has suffered a sordid array of abortionist owners. Up-front thanks to pro-life investigator Lynn Mills for her research on this post.

The clinic was opened in 1981 by Eugene Ralph Marra, a convicted felon who, after serving time for committing abortions as a nonphysician, was again discovered during an undercover sting by the Detroit Free Press in 1974 to be posing as “Dr. Mike Morrison” at an abortion clinic in Detroit. Marra hired Ebrahim Fayazi to kill babies, who after all these years still commits abortions in the Detroit area.

Marra’s wife Rosemary Lavelle got the building when the two divorced and rented the abortion business to Enrique Gerbi for years. I recently posted video from 1993 of Gerbi kicking a pro-lifer at the Livonia mill. Gerbi had at least 11 malpractice lawsuits filed against him.

In 2002 the building was sold to Adriana Holdings, wife of abortionist Rodolfo Finkelstein. Finkelstein fled the country to Argentina in 2005 after being convicted of criminal sexual assault of several abortion patients at the Livonia property, including at least one minor.

Sharpe took over the abortion business from Finkelstein in 2005, even as Sharpe saw his own medical license suspended for negligence of an abortion patient.

In 2006 Sharpe’s father, who died in 2010, bought the building via Sharksky, LLC for $365,000.

Sharpe has been sued at least three times for negligence, including by the family of a patient who died in 2008.

Which brings us to today and a series of amazing Godincidences that lead to a happy ending for this sad building.

On March 7 Lynn Mills happened by the clinic when a man was changing the locks, and he told her the name of the bank that had taken possession.

imageWhen Lynn passed by the building on March 11, she saw that the abortion clinic sign was down – for the first time in three decades. Lynn was so overcome she collapsed on the sidewalk in tears and thanks to God.

A man driving by stopped to make sure Lynn was ok, and when he learned the building would soon be for sale, he said he would be interested in purchasing it to keep it from becoming an abortion clinic again.

It turns out the man, Bill, with whom I spoke this afternoon, is a neighbor of the clinic, involved in commercial real estate, and strongly pro-life.image

There was no “for sale” sign up yet, but Lynn, pictured left, knew the name of the bank and put the man and the bank in touch with one another.

The bank accepted Bill’s offer of $125,000 cash.

Bill told me a doctor friend involved in holistic medicine has already expressed interest in leasing the building. He has other leads if that doesn’t work.

But Bill assured me, “There will no longer be abortions there. Even if they offer me one million bucks a month, I will never, ever rent to an abortion clinic.”

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