stMargaretsThe charity regulator in Scotland has upheld a ruling that would force a Roman Catholic adoption agency to end its policy that requires prospective adoptive parents to be married for at least two years….

This attack on the adoption agency was orchestrated by National Secular Society, who claims that the policy of searching for stable homes for children is “discrimination” against the unmarried and homosexual partners looking to adopt….

St. Margaret’s [has] until April 22 to comply with the new regulation or they will be removed from the official Scottish charity registrar. This would prevent them from fulfilling adoptions in the future.

There has been a large outcry over the attack on St. Margaret’s adoption agency.

Traditional marriage supporters have highlighted the incident as an example of how religious bodies will be harmed by the passing of gay marriage legislation and other anti-Christian policies in the U.K.

~ Myles Collier, Christian Post, March 7

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