Recall the Livonia, Michigan, pro-life businessman who bought an abortion clinic property earlier this month and then banned it from being sold to an abortionist.

If you own business property, you, too, can deed restrict it so it can never be sold to an abortion business. From Dave Theisen at Real Estate for Life comes three simple steps:

1. Identify the property’s legal address.

2. Prepare the language best suited for the community you are in.* (Example: “No chemical or surgical abortions may be referred from this property or performed on this property [legal address] into perpetuity.”)

3. Incorporate the concepts: This restriction shall run with the land, and the deed restriction is for the benefit of the local community.

*It is important to have the restriction prepared by an attorney to be efficacious and to be in recordable form for the county Register of Deeds. Always consult an attorney, as practices vary from region to region.

Back to that Livonia property, pro-abortion vandals have since defaced the “For Lease” sign, which may have given them a laugh, but it doesn’t change the deed restriction…


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