rushobamaPlanned Parenthood cannot afford to condemn any abortion, after birth, partial birth, they can’t condemn any. They can’t take action in one way, one syllable, one word, they can’t oppose any type of abortion or they destroy their own purpose.

To Planned Parenthood, every abortion is good, every pregnancy is a potential disease, every pregnancy is the result of male domination. Every abortion equals female freedom and emancipation. Every abortion equals women saying, “Screw you.”

Barack Obama, who, as a senator in Illinois, actively, maybe more than any other legislation, supported the idea that a baby surviving a botched abortion should go ahead and be killed, because that was the original intention of the mother. And when we’re talking about the original intention of abortion, we should always be loyal to it.

Now, the original intention of the Constitution, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. The Constitution’s a living, breathing document. The female body is not….

Last week Barack Obama talking about what happened in Boston said, “If we can save just one child. If we can save just one child,” and today Obama goes and celebrates an abortion factory and closes by saying “God bless you” to Planned Parenthood.

~ Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, reacting to President Obama’s speech at a Planned Parenthood event in DC last week,, April 26

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