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  • My Drop in the Ocean follows up on a previous post regarding the differing approaches of pro-life groups in their public prayer/demonstrations in front of abortion clinics. While some groups pray and practice peaceful outreach, others feel this is ineffective and that the response should be more aggressive since a murder is about to take place. These warring tactics have caused some pro-lifers to stay away completely.


  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper shares a graphic that uses the popular same-sex marriage support symbol, turning it into a pro-life message (pictured left; click to enlarge).
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey analyzes the recent report from the Centers for Disease Control which shows that emergency contraceptive use has doubled and is now the likely contraceptive of choice for many women, instead of a mere “back-up” birth control. One unfortunate result of this EC dependency has been the rise in STDs among young women using it – a fact glossed over by the mainstream media.
  • According to the Seattle Times, an attempt to force insurance coverage of abortion in Washington state (as previously discussed here) has failed.:

    The bill, which supporters call the Reproductive Parity Act… would make Washington the first state to require insurers that cover maternity care — which they all must do — to also pay for abortions. Similar legislation has been introduced each session in the New York State Assembly for more than a decade but has never received a public hearing.

… [T]hose supporting the measure said it would ensure continued abortion coverage in the state once federal health-care changes taking effect next year trigger bureaucratic hurdles for insurers paying for the procedure….

Opponents countered that abortion-insurance coverage is already widespread in the state. They also said the measure threatens the religious freedoms of businesses and individuals who oppose abortion rights and do not want to subsidize the cost of the procedure for others.


  • ProLifeBlogs shares Operation Rescue’s information on the identity of a young Illinois doctor who plans to fly to Kansas to perform abortions at George Tiller’s former clinic:

    [Cheryl] Chastine, 31, …was first licensed to practice medicine in Illinois in August, 2011 and obtained licensure in Kansas on January 17, 2013. Chastine currently works at Total Wellness, Inc. in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago….

Ms. Chastine apparently thinks she can come to Wichita, kill babies surreptitiously then return home to her non-abortion patients in Chicago with no one the wiser. Now, we’ve uncovered her shadow business that will operate under a secret name at a facility that is not properly sanctioned…. These duplicitous business transactions coupled with her shocking inexperience as a licensed physician raise questions about whether her shady business dealings will be a reflection of what we can expect from her abortion practices.

Looks like Chastine may be the “family practice physician who will fly in as needed,” as stated by The Wichita Eagle. The recording here is extremely revealing.

  • Women’s Rights without Frontiers reports on the alleged suicide of Yang Yuzhi, a Chinese mother of four who suffered from chronic pain as a result of two forced sterilizations by the government. Yang routinely visited the Office of Family Planning to petition for compensation for the cost of pain medication. She was found dead there, hanged and covered with suspicious bruises.
  • Pro-Life Action League comments on a New York Times parenting blog written by Alison Piepmeier, a professor of gender studies and a mother to a child with Down syndrome, who finds nothing wrong with the high abortion rate of children who have Ds. Piepmeier supports parents who choose abortion after a “wanted and named” baby is prenatally diagnosed, and even calls one mother’s choice to abort – for fear her daughter might one day be sexually abused – a “protective choice.”

[HT on Seattle Times: Human Life of WA; Chastine photo via Operation Rescue]

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