Stanek Sunday funnies: “Gosnell” edition

I expect more Gosnell political cartoons will roll out this week, but here are the first three. I’m also including two flashbacks from January 30, 2011, when the Gosnell mass murders were first publicized. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post.

by Lisa Benson at
 by Chip Bok at
 by Tim Hartman via The Blaze
 by Glenn McCoy at (1-30-11)…

 Giving credit where it’s due, even liberal Signe Wilkinson at was incensed at the time (1-30-11)…


9 thoughts on “Stanek Sunday funnies: “Gosnell” edition”

  1. When I read about what this person Gosnell, so called Doctor of Health, used to do to children, I get stomach pain and feel this awful feeling inside of me.   A feeling of impotency.   
    Thank God there exists websites like Jill’s Stanek where at least I can say there is still Good people like Pro Life people


  2. “I expect more Gosnell political cartoons will roll out this week….”
    It’s gonna be a grim week.


  3. Not “used to do”, Marina. He continued to do it right up until RECENTLY, when he was finally stopped. If he hadn’t been, he’d still be killing TODAY.


  4.  I like #1 because it’s ironically funny and it shows the desperate lengths the pro-choice media will go to in order to protect the abortion industry. It also shows how stupid political correctness is and how it is ruining our society. A little boy gets busted for making his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun, but it’s legal to kill thousands of children daily through abortion.


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