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Following the tradition we started two years ago, we’re posting all the upcoming summer pro-life teen- and college-aged boot camps we could find around the country. If we missed any, please let Kelli know.

If I had teens in the house now I’d not only send them to church camp every summer, I’d send them to at least one pro-life boot camp during their high school years. These provide a great opportunity to build strength and confidence in the sanctity of life and also launch lifelong pro-life friendships.

It’s great to see so many pro-life groups in so many states sponsoring these vital training programs for our young people.


Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will host its 2013 ProLife Training Camp in Silverado from June 17–28 for high school and college students.


The Rockford Diocese will host a Life Leadership Camp in Rockford from July 29-30 for students entering grades 9-12 (ages 13-17).


Allen County Right to Life will host its Friends for Life Boot Camp in Fort Wayne from July 26-27 for high school and college students.

Lake County Right to Life will host a one-day Pro-Life Adult Summit and Teen Boot Camp on June 22 in Chesterton.


The Archdiocese of Kansas City and Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph will co-host their 3rd Annual Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp in Kansas City from July 24-27 for ages 14-19.


Pro-Life Louisiana will host its Joshua Leadership Institute this year from July 14-18 for high school students and 1st year college students.


Massachusetts Citizens for Life is sponsoring an Annual Summer Academy for rising high school students every Wednesday night from July 10 – Aug 14 in Warren. Call (617) 242-4199 for details.

New Mexico

Survivors and Project Defending Life are teaming up to host their first New Mexico Pro-life Training Camp in Bernalillo from August 2-10.

New York

New York State Right to Life will host Camp Esther from August 23-25 in Utica for teens.

North Carolina

North Carolina Right to Life will host Camp Joshua from July 19-21 in Smithfield for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.


Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio will host a Summer Leadership Camp on July 13 for middle school and high school youth.


Catholic Pro-Life Committee and Catholics Respect Life will co-host their Pro-Life Boot Camp 2013 in Irving for ages 14-17. Two separate sessions are offered: June 28-30 or July 26-30.

Texas Right to Life will host REveAL Summer Camp for high school students. Two separate sessions are offered: July 20-23 or July 23-27.


Virginia Society of Human Life will host Camp Joshua in Defiance from July 19-21 for high school students.


Wisconsin Teens for Life will host Camp Esther from July 14-16 and August 11-13, and Camp Nehemiah from July 17-19 and August 14-16 in Walworth and Osceola. These are basic and advanced sessions for teens.


Created Equal will host a Summer Justice Ride through several Midwest cities from July 7-13 for high school and college students. Space is limited.

Rock for Life has an opportunity for you to be a Summer Festivals Pro-Life Missionary, starting June 12 through the end of summer.

Stand True has a jam-packed schedule for energetic students, from June 1 – August 31.

[Top graphic via Andy Moore]

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