This is the third year I’ve worked with them on their annual Mama’s Day campaign. It’s a campaign that seeks to shift the narrative on motherhood, and specifically bring love and light to the mamas who are more often demonized by our political climate and our media than celebrated. These means mamas of color, immigrant mamas, queer mamas, young mamas, incarcerated mamas and more.

This is the second year we’ve tried to do this by creating an ecard tool, with fabulous art by activist artists, that people can use to send cards to the caregivers in their lives, but also to create strong messages to share anywhere online.

~ Miriam Zoila Pérez describing her work with the radical cultural transformation advocacy group, Forward Together, which produces the alternative Mama’s Day ecard tools, Radical Doula, May 10

[Photo of lesbian mothers ecard (click to enlarge) via Mama’s Day]

New York Daily News adds more details.

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