abby-johnson_wFor those of you who don’t know, I am currently involved in a Medicaid fraud case that I brought against Planned Parenthood.

While I was at Planned Parenthood, my affiliate was defrauding our Medicaid system millions of tax dollars. For several years, the clinic employees were unaware that we had participated in this fraud. However, after finding out, many of us knowingly continued participating in the fraud…including me.
We are praying that Planned Parenthood be held accountable for the fraud they participated in.

I knowingly filed this suit aware of the fact that I could also be held accountable for my participation in the fraud. Could I go to prison for my involvement? Yes. Do I have peace with that? Yes. It is worth the risk and the consequence knowing that my former affiliate could close and babies would be saved from abortion.

Please be in prayer for my legal team as they take on this abortion giant.

~ Former Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year Abby Johnson admitting the risk involved in litigating against PP, via her Facebook page, April 25

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