Mike_LeeUPDATE 5/9 2:15p: Last night Representatives Fincher, Stutzman, and Blackburn introduced the House version of the Gosnell resolution, which calls on Congress to review illegal abortion practices.

Meanwhile, pro-abortion Senators Blumenthal, Boxer, and Shaheen are trying to block the Gosnell resolution in the Senate and have introduced a watered down resolution condemning bad behavior in medical facilities everywhere. Pro-life Senator Lee, pictured right, responded with a hoot of a gotcha. According to the Daily Caller, he said:

I am heartened and I think all Americans should be heartened and the entire pro-life movement should be heartened by the clear implication in this proposal that health regulations should be equitably applied and enforced on abortion clinics as they are on other healthcare facilities.

5/7 9:23a: Even as some on our side have begun to complain that Republicans are not taking advantage of the Gosnell massacre to introduce pro-life legislation, as Democrats did by introducing anti-gun legislation after the Newtown massacre, pro-life legislators and wonks have been and are working on it.

The first response was unveiled late yesterday, when pro-life Utah Republican U.S. Senator Mike Lee, along with 10 co-sponsors, introduced an as yet unnumbered resolution calling for Congress to “investigate and correct abusive, unsanitary, and illegal abortion practices.”

What abortion supporter interested in “safe” abortions could possibly oppose investigating and outing unsafe abortion clinics nationwide? We shall soon see.

The resolution also addresses an issue that is long overdue, to “evaluate the extent to which such abortions involved violations of the natural right to life of infants who are born alive or are capable of being born alive.”

The Born Alive Infants Protection Act was passed in 2002, but there has never been any follow-up to determine whether the law was being violated.

drudge miami-thumb-500x222Since then, incidents have been reported of abortion survivors who were left to die, such as the baby who was born alive in a toilet in an Orlando, Florida, abortion clinic in 2005, and who clinic workers abandoned to die despite pleas from his mother; or the baby who was zipped still alive in a biohazard bag and thrown on the roof of a Hialeah, Florida, abortion clinic in 2006.

Lee’s resolution also addresses the issue of fetal pain, interstate trafficking for abortions, the woeful lack of abortion reporting among the states, unenforced abortion clinic regulations, and mentions as an example of unsafe abortion clinics the “meat market” that is Planned Parenthood of Delaware. It’s a great piece of work.

Again, let’s see who could possibly oppose such a common sense resolution, although my guess is it could start at the top….

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