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  • At Live Action News, Kristen Hatten discusses “why Kermit Gosnell should be acquitted”:

    I want Kermit Gosnell walking the streets. I want him free because there is nothing he did that is incompatible with a pro-abortion ideology. I want him to serve as a constant reminder that abortion and infanticide are the same thing, and it was the Supreme Court’s idea – supported by around half of the citizens of this country – that some doctors are murderers who get to be free citizens.

  • At New Feminism, Béatrice Fedor describes characteristics she has noticed among those calling themselves “pro-choice moms.”


  • Pro-life Action League says the Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware (pictured left) has been closed, pending investigation into unsafe conditions:

    Conditions at the Wilmington clinic were described as “ridiculously unsafe” and five women were rushed to the hospital due to complications in the past three months alone.

  • In the Washington Times, Father Frank Pavone describes “how the human conscience dies slowly, one killing at a time”:

    Each of us has a natural psychological and physical barrier to killing someone. In normal circumstances, we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. This is part of our humanity. Killing is easier when one dehumanizes the victim first. Bullies engage in name-calling before beating up their victims. Yet in dehumanizing the victim, the perpetrator dehumanizes himself. So it is with abortionists.

  • ProLifeNZ reports that “[a] New Zealand doctor has been suspended by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal from practicing medicine for 6 months after three of her patients were unlawfully prescribed the abortion drug misoprostol.”


  • At Real Choice, Christina Dunigan recalls her experience working with Mark Crutcher to write the haunting accounts of abortion injuries for the book, Lime 5 (pictured right).
  • Pro-Life New Mexico describes an encounter with a post-abortive woman outside Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, and reminds us that what women need most is to know that we love their babies and them.
  • Vital Signs points out that the language of “life at conception” was always accepted until the advent of certain birth control devices designed to prevent implantation. However, redefining the terms doesn’t redesign the actual science of life.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life notes Europe’s trend toward eliminating the sufferers instead of their suffering, through euthanasia and assisted suicide:

    Some patients, including many disabled newborn babies, are euthanized even though they have made no request for death. Switzerland, meanwhile, has become a haven for “suicide tourism,” a place where people come, many of them merely disabled or depressed, and are helped to kill themselves.

    Rather than eliminate the suffering—by caring for those who need help, fixing their depression, and so on—Europe is increasingly choosing to eliminate the sufferers. This is disturbing stuff…..

    Even worse… euthanasia followed by organ harvesting has become a reality.

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