I’ll answer that: with tasteless and tactless audacity, from the top down.

As the Weekly Standard noted, “The White House is marking Mother’s Day… by celebrating free birth control provided by Obamacare“….

To put a bow on his warped present, President Obama regifted the nation’s women at his Mother’s Day party yesterday with who else in the audience but representatives of Planned Parenthood, of course.

This year, abortion proponents are bawdily celebrating a day they make their living exploting women to avoid at all costs, even with their own lives. They have gone so far as to rename it “Mama’s Day,” creating a #mamasday hashtag on Twitter.

The pro-abortion group Strong Families has posted e-cards you can send, which can look pretty scary…


or present a perverted view of motherhood…



But yet there is still our voice of reason, for which we know all innately yearn, even if confused and deceived by aberrationists. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of Americans United for Life, and happily married mother of five, has written this word of comfort…

Yet, motherhood is not lost, even if the winds of popular opinion seek to redefine it.  Motherhood is still based upon the sacrifices of a woman for her family, her strength to carry on despite challenging circumstances, and her ingenuity in redeeming beauty out of despair.  Forty years of Roe has attempted to skew the notion of motherhood… and with that womanhood.  The pain of legalized abortion, which has been neither safe nor rare, has wounded the feminine heart and her natural gift of motherhood.

In spite of this tragic cultural shift, the pro-life movement has spent the past 40 years healing women, protecting children, and restoring hearts touched by the pain of abortion.  And while Mother’s Day may seem a day of grief to many who have lost a child, a sister or a mother, we know that motherhood stretches beyond a role or a biological reality: motherhood is a commitment to love.  When we help the less fortunate, hold the hand of the fearful, embrace the heart of the lonely, we redeem motherhood in our communities.  As we nurture those in need of affirmation and walk beside the brokenhearted, when tender compassion is the mark of our life’s journey, we heal the rift, the separation, the alienation of motherhood in our culture.

And as we move towards renewal of motherhood, we heal the pain of Roe, and in turn transform our culture into one that accepts the dignity, the worth, the value of all persons.  And we will continue our work until all are welcomed in life and protected in law.

Your thoughts on pro-abort attempts to hijack all that Mother’s Day means?