Feminists used the same two men as both good and bad tools yesterday.

Pro-abortion Reps Jerry Nadler and John Conyers were good tools when lauding abortion…

… but bad tools in the feminist photo op. Click to enlarge…


There they are on the far right, with their male counsel sitting between them – who did come in handy when nudging the incoherent Rep. Conyers to stop talking, a little while after Conyers gave a shout-out to Pepto pink-clad Planned Parenthood employees…


Had the witnesses all been male, feminists would have aimed the camera their way. But that wouldn’t have worked yesterday, since two of the three pro-life witnesses were female.

It is true there are no women on this subcommittee, but it’s not only on the Republican side. Democrats have none either. There are five female Democrats on the full Judiciary Committee, and any one of them could have asked to be assigned to the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, where abortion does come up quite a bit.  But it’s not important to them. Any one of them could have asked to attend this particular hearing as well. But it wasn’t important to them. And they would have ruined the picture.

Toward the end of the hearing Rep. Franks showed two photos of a mutilated late-term aborted baby taken by former employees of abortionist Douglas Karpen. A member of the Susan B. Anthony List team snapped a picture of Rep. Nadler refusing to look at the photos as Rep. Franks explained them. “He then rubbed his eyes in boredom,” noted SBA List…


Operation Rescue has more thoughts on those particular photos being shown in the hearing, which OR retrieved from the employees.

As for the pro-abortion side’s sole witness – a post-abortive mother – Drew Belsky at Live Action, who attended the hearing, has good insights. Sad to say, she, too, was a pro-abortion tool. At the end of the hearing, when Rep. Nadler asked her if she had anything to add, she said something to the effect, “My abortion was nothing like the abortions described here today.” I’m sure she had her eyes opened. I felt bad for her. She, of course, was wrong about that.

If you want to see any of the video clips, including my testimony, go here.

Drudge is currently spotlighting’s piece on former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino’s gripping testimony from the hearing.


[Top photo via Live Action]

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