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  • Arizona lawmakers are working on legislation to allow abortion clinics to be inspected without announcement and without a warrant. Planned Parenthood is opposed. One state legislator pointed out the silliness of requiring a warrant to have an unannounced inspection of an abortion clinic:

    Rep. John Kavanagh, RFountain Hills, pointed out there is no warrant requirement for other state-licensed medical facilities, and that health inspectors need no warrant to check out the conditions in the food-preparation areas of the local McDonald’s restaurant, an operation Kavanagh said is far less dangerous to public safety.

    “An inspector can mosey in any time, unannounced, to protect the public,” he said.


  • Bollywood star Jiah Khan (pictured left) recently committed suicide. In her suicide note, she mentions numerous issues with her boyfriend including a recent abortion. Khan wrote to her boyfriend:

    I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply. You destroyed my Christmas and my birthday dinner when I came back. When I tried my hardest to make your birthday special. You chose to be away from me on Valentines Day. You promised me once we made it to one year we would get engaged. All you want in life is partying, your women and your selfish motives.

  • A police officer in Pawtucket, Rhode Island has resigned after a domestic violence incident in which he attacked his ex-girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood might close an abortion clinic in Appleton, Wisconsin if the state legislature passes a law to require abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles:

    On Monday, the bill requiring clinic physicians to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles was approved by the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee on a party-line 3-2 vote, with Republicans in the majority. The bill also requires an ultrasound before every abortion.

    Planned Parenthood’s Nicole Safar said applying for admitting privileges could take months and wouldn’t happen before the bill takes effect.

    “If this bill passes in the time frame they are proposing, we are closing the doors,” Safar said, referring to the Appleton clinic.

[Photo via LifeNews]

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