A billionaire and a princess graced the stage to tell nurses and clean water advocates that any effort to help poor women is secondary to giving them contraception and abortion.

Sexual and reproductive rights are “at the core of human life,” said Princess Mary of Denmark. Until women have power not to have children, they won’t have power to improve nutrition, grow crops, or deliver babies safely, said Melinda Gates.

“Pregnancy is not natural,” said Frances Kissling, the former head of Catholics for Choice.

And with that, the sharp divide became apparent between first-world activists who want a universal right to abortion and the poor women they believe should have fewer children….

The first Women Deliver in 2007 presented family planning and abortion as the solution to reduce deaths from pregnancy and childbirth. The second conference in 2010 ran into trouble when new research showed the annual number of maternal deaths is far less than the estimated 536,000.

Attendees complained this year’s conference offered no program to address maternal mortality except to enhance midwives to be trained to provide abortion….

A… participant noted $8 billion a year goes to family planning and advocates are demanding more. Yet “they don’t want to share it” with other causes. “And they don’t want to give any other group a platform that will distract from expanding abortion.”

~ Wendy Wright and Lisa Correnti, discussing the United Nations-supported 2013 Women Deliver conference (which featured infanticide proponent Peter Singer and late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, and lists partnerships with Pfizer, Bayer, and Merck) C-FAM, May 31

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