Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com released an abortion contract dating back to 2007 between NBA player J. J. Redick and then-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

I’ve had this and other documents related to that abortion for the better part of two weeks but out of concern for Vanessa wanted to make contact with her before going public.

This morning I spoke to a knowledgeable source close to Vanessa, to whom she gave permission to speak to me. Neither Redick’s attorney, agent, or wealth manager have immediately responded to my request for comment.

The contract between Redick and Vanessa is bizarre, outlining an agreement for Lopez to receive $25,000 in return for aborting a baby Redick denied was his if Redick broke off the relationship after her abortion. In addition, once Lopez showed proof she had gotten the abortion, Redick agreed to “maintain a social and/or dating relationship” with her for one year – unless either he or she decided to break it off. Like I said, bizarre.

At the time Redick was 23 years old and a rookie with the Orlando Magic. He now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. Lopez was 28 and a model.

The contract was signed the morning of September 13, 2007, mere hours before Lopez got her abortion at All Women’s Health Center in Orlando, Florida. In fact, her source told me she had already taken her pre-op Valium when she signed it. I have all the abortion documents, which out of respect for Vanessa I will not post, except this section (click all images to enlarge):


Despite the fact Lopez felt “forced into” the abortion, abortionist Harry Perper, infamous in the pro-life community, went through with it. Lopez was estimated to be between 16-17 weeks along, and since the abortion was started and finished the same day, the second trimester procedure was a D&E. It cost $1,150.

Redick, his attorney, Gregory McNeil, and his wealth manager, Jeff Silverman, knew the contract was a “charade,” and they were crass and sexist about it, particularly given the subject. Emails between them the afternoon before Lopez’s abortion:



The afternoon the abortion was completed, McNeill pushed to get confirmation from Lopez, showing her no regard….


It was at this point things soured. Vanessa never tried to collect the $25,000, and she never heard from Redick again.

Why did Lopez get the abortion? My source: “She got the abortion to save the relationship. She was fairly young, fairly immature, and clearly in love. I do believe she was manipulated by Redick. She told me she wanted to have this baby but he was adamant in his opposition.  She thought if she did what he wanted her to do, he would continue the relationship with her. What self-respecting person would sign such a document? My sense is she was simply operating in an emotional state that precluded her from acting rationally. She had no attorney. She hoped somehow, some way that doing what he wanted her to do would benefit her in the long run.”

Sadly, that did not come to pass. Vanessa began to experience symptoms of post-abortion stress syndrome. She sought professional help. From a September 2008 letter to the court (more on that below) from her doctor:


How I came by these documents takes us a bit into the weeds.

Before she started dating Redick, Lopez had an affair with another NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal, while he was married, in 2004.

alg-shaq-oneal-vanessa-lopez-jpgLong story short, after that relationship deteriorated, Lopez filed a lawsuit against O’Neal for harassment. His attorneys proceeded to portray Lopez as a serial athlete chaser and gold digger who lacked credibility. Part of that strategy was to introduce evidence of past interactions Vanessa had with other athletes, including Redick. They said she lied about her pregnancy to exploit her relationship with Redick.

Lopez’s legal team admitted sealed abortion documents into evidence to prove that she wasn’t lying. Someone either leaked the information, or a court clerk inadvertently released it to TMZ, and perhaps others. I got the documents from a pro-life source in Florida.

There is more to the O’Neal story involving attorney Gloria Allred, but it takes us too far off topic.

“There is no question she has made unwise choices in her life and that she has been opportunistic to some degree and quite selfish in her decision making,” her source honestly told me. “Having said that, I have reached the conclusion that every statement she has made regarding her complaint about O’Neal is factual.”

Lopez never intended for the abortion episode to go public. “Vanessa’s principle desire is to put this in the past,” concluded her source. “To that end I know she would appreciate acknowledgement from Redick and his camp for their cruel treatment of her at a vulnerable time and an apology.”

In conclusion, I’ll once again say: Abortion exploits and hurts women.

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