SUNDAYAGE-AGEWhen even the Huffington Post turns against you, where is an abortion supporter to go? From HuffPo, today:

Most Americans would favor sweeping new national restrictions on abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. But the poll also shows many Americans remain conflicted in their views on abortion.

By a margin of 59% to 30%, respondents to the new poll said they would favor a federal law banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Noted David Freddoso at

There it is, in black and white – 59% support the ban. This more or less confirms the result of other polls. It’s also worth noting that among people who gave otherwise ambiguous or conflicted answers about the abortion issue, 70% supported the ban.


This is pretty simple stuff — late-term abortion is barbaric, a large majority of Americans agree, including many who don’t oppose all or even most abortions in principle.

What I find fascinating about this debate is that the pro-choice side is on a suicide mission to reclaim ground that’s probably lost for good. They got themselves a winning position when they stopped talking about abortion and started talking about contraception during the 2012 election. They had a won game, rhetorically speaking, and could stop retreating there.

But now the Gosnell trial provided an impetus for new regulations on late-term abortions, and they’ve been lured forward again. We’re not longer talking about birth control pills anymore – we’re talking about skull-crushing, bone-crunching abortions of babies in the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy. Good luck defending that.

About as bad for the other side is that a total of 47% of respondents said abortion should be “generally” or “always” illegal, as opposed to 46% who thought it should be “generally” or “always” legal. In total, 74% supported some sort of abortion restrictions. HuffPo again:

Nineteen percent said they think abortion should always be legal, while 27% said it should be generally legal, but with some restrictions. Another 17%  said that abortion should always be illegal, while 30% said it should be generally illegal, except in special circumstances.

More bad news for the other side: 43% of those polled thought current abortion restrictions weren’t strict enough, as opposed to only 20% who thought they were too strict and 17% who thought they were just right.

I should note that despite the overwhelming belief that there should at least be some to many restrictions on abortion, if not an outright ban, only 26% thought the government “has a right and obligation to pass restrictions on abortion,” leaving me to wonder who in the world they think should enact the restrictions they support.

See poll results here.

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